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  1. Looking for any investors in the Grand Junction development in Crewe that have invested through RMP/Property Hubs Invest. Anybody on here ? Do you have a warm and comfy feeling about the continued delay ?
  2. Hi, I'm considering an investment in Woking. Seems to have all the fundamentals with excellent links into London. Is there anyone on here that has an opinion ? I do have a slight concern with regards to a big new development that is currently being constructed and how that might effect rents. Any thoughts/comments appreciated.
  3. Hello all .. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using online conveyancing providers ? I have seen a number of providers offer conveyancing in the region of £2/300 which is a appealing, but by nature, I'm a cynic, so wondering what others feelings are about this ? Thanks Regards Hemant
  4. Hi .. In the process of buying a BTL property in Rugby, can anyone recommend letting agents in the area ? Thanks Regards Hemant
  5. Hi Stephen, Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. Do you have recommendations for areas and types of properties? Thinking for either young families or professionals and ideally houses as opposed to flats. Thanks Regards Hemant
  6. Any investors on here with knowledge or opinions about Rugby as a possibility for btl investment? It seems to tick all the boxes with regards to transport links etc. Any recommendations for areas etc? Thanks Regards Hemant
  7. After a lot of consideration, I've decided that my next BTL investment will be in Peterborough. Its relatively local, relatively cheap but good fundamentals I think. Is there anyone on here who can advise areas, good ones .. but also the bad ones! Any negatives I should be aware of in general ? Thanks Hemant
  8. Am looking to extend the lease of one of my properties. Other than using Google, can anyone recommend a good solicitor and surveyor. It seems quite a specialized field. Regards Hemant
  9. Stuart, Thanks for the info. Its what I kind of summarized, as otherwise, they have no foundation to lend money. Thanks Regards Hemant
  10. Like a lot of people, am considering starting a Ltd company to hold my properties in. Just have 1 question. With regards to borrowing, on what basis do Lenders lend money to a new Ltd company with (at the start at least) no trading history and no income? Am I missing something or do they lend to the individual but let you hold the property in a company? Regards Hemant
  11. Not an expert on this by any stretch, but as the lease had fallen under 80 years,to extend the lease will require the payment of something called 'marriage value'... Or at least 50% of it. Also, to have the right to extend a lease requires ownership of the property for 2 years Hemant
  12. Hello Everyone .. Looking to extend a lease on a leasehold property. Does anyone have any tips and/or pitfalls I should be aware off? Unfortunately, I bought this property during my more naive times, and as such, the lease is less than 80 years already. However, I have approx 50% equity in this property, and am looking to extend the lease prior to my current fixed rate mortgage expiring early next year to allow me to pull some equity out. Finally, can anyone recommend a good solicitor for this purpose. Thanks Hemant
  13. Hello All .. I've seen in the Sunday Times today, Ian Cowie again calling for the 'generous tax breaks for BTL landlords' to be removed. He is using the argument of austerity and there being a '£10bn hole ...' Just wondered what the general feeling about this is in terms of likelihood ... am sure I don't need to ask if anyone actually thinks its a good idea on here or not! Regards Hemant
  14. Hello All .. I'm considering buying a property in Scotland, Aberdeen to be specific. Is there anything obvious differences between buying and owning property in Scotland as opposed to in England ? I'm tempted by the high rents (relatively high prices too off course), but I believe the dip in the O&G industry presents a buying opportunity. Thoughts and opinions are welcome. Regards Hemant
  15. Hi Kevin, The property is in Bedford. Shame your so far away .. your prices are preferable! Regards Hemant
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