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  1. Has anyone ever had an an offer on a house accepted, paid all the solicitor / survey fees and then had the sale rejected before completion because the seller has accepted a new higher offer? How common is this? I’m guessing that is the just the nature of the beast when it comes to buying houses in this country! I’m answering my own question here but I guess the best thing to do when making an offer is to say the offer only stands if the property is taken off the market.
  2. Hi All, I have £350k cash. I don't know whether to buy a buy to let 1 bedroom property in London for £350k (mortgage free) and earn £1,500 monthly rental income or buy 3 buy to let properties in Manchester for £100k each (mortgage free) and earn the same monthly rental income (£500 for each of the three properties). I don't own any other properties and am self employed. I guess I would like to earn some money from having a monthly rental income but it would be nice to sell this property when I'm 70 (in 30 years time) so making money from the capital growth is important too. What would you do? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  3. Hi, If you had £350,000, what would you do? 1.) Keep in a fixed savings account 2.) Buy a 1 bedroom property in London to rent out for £350,000 (requiring no mortgage) 3.) Buy 3 cheaper properties in Manchester to rent out for about £110,000 each (requiring no mortgage) 4.) Buy a buy to let property with half of it and save the rest of it 5.) Invest in a SIPP 6.) Spend it 7.) Other 8.) Buy a 2 bedroom property in London to rent out for £450,000 (with a £100,000 Buy to let mortgage) 9.) Save money in a instant access savings account and not make any decision this year 10.) None of the above Thanks!