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    I am new to this game but will work abroad from 2020 onwards. I would love to invest before I leave ideally joint to obtain a reliable rentable property
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    Future properties to rent with and obtain an income of £2/3k per month.
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    Travel, engineering, languages, adventurer, research

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  1. I am sceptical buying my first BTL at the current times, I am predicting if prices steady that I can maybe afford one by February 2021. But I am not sure if the effects of the house pricing will quicken the pace to the end of this 18 year cycle, I cant belive that it is exactly 18 years when house prices reach the peak due to all the varying factors that surround the cause of the decline. So I want to know maybe some experienced thoughts in this, do you think we will reach the peak soon or be it another 5 years, since we currently have low mortgage rates, a lot of banks competing, although mor
  2. I appreciate this, and makes perfect sense, if that's the case (in regards to the term time of the investment), then I will look into investing little to see how it works out.
  3. Hi all! I have just purchased my first home, and have a little bit of money left to invest elsewhere, whilst I pay off my current home +save towards a BTL. I saw this site, does anyone have any opinion on it, or maybe advise others to choose from. 10% return seems to be the standard, from what i can see. Thanks in advanced, I am new to this but have done my research. https://www.thehousecrowd.com/invest/property-development-investment
  4. Hello, as I am investigating into buying up north, I plan to mange it while I am over seas. I will be looking to network for local plumbers, carpenters, etc when I buy to help manage issues should they come. However I want to know if anyone can advise for reliable letting agencies to look after the property and rent it out as it requires... I understand there is a percentage on the rent for this, but what is the best way to do this, or who should I look to go with. My current interest is looking around Warrington, Wakefield, maybe Crewe and Doncaster. Thank you
  5. Hello, My name is Lee and I am looking to invest before the end of this year. I am interested in meeting like minding investors to perhaps take on a bigger property up north. I am based in Reading, so would anyone be happy to meet up and discuss? Please PM me or make a comment, I check on this weekly normally. This is my first investment, doing extensive research via this site and podcasts and from other sources. Thank you
  6. Thank you so much, yes I have considered those factors and what you propose maybe what I need to begin with. And I assume I am right you only get tax on your earnings as you would in a job. I presume I need to do tax returns when I get into this, so in all just keep track while I'm not in a country. Any recommended contacts would be helpful, I appreciate that, I would be interested in the letting agency, I am in contact with one but I am shopping around as it is.
  7. Thanks for this, I was concerned that would be the case. The £20k is purely for the deposit. But it will be the most I can gain to continue with my plans to work abroad early next year. I wanted capital growth ideally but rent to at least cover just over the expenditures, so with that in mind, is there anywhere I can find like minded investors to do a joint ownership for buy to let?
  8. Hey all! I have a situation where I would like to invest into a property before I leave the country for work (I am still able to manage things). I am 30 and new to this but have done research. The only issue is I won't raise enough capital for the areas I want around Manchester. I was hoping you can direct me to a place where I can find reliable investors to do a joint buy to let with me while I build my way up. Thanks
  9. Hello, I'm in my first buy to let situation, after a loss on my first property I learnt a lot from here. I am now looking to get a house before I leave the country this year, so I wanted to know if there are suggestions of where to look. From the 2017 podcast ASK97, does this still stand? I have seen Wigan, and Stockport, baring in mind the transport nearby. But this is my first, so risk is a consideration. Where do you suggest I should be looking at this time and since I am from the south, can anyone tell me of upcoming transport that I should be aware of as my research isn't conclusive.
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