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  1. Hi Steve, It can depend on a certain extent on the area where you invest. One option though might be to invest in freehold blocks of multiple units, particularly if they are run down. Someone I know well bought a converted block of run-down 4 x 1-beds last year, refurbished them and turned them into 4 x very nice 2-beds, split the title to create 4 leasehold units and sold the flats individually, also selling the freehold. The net profit was somewhere in the region of £110k if I remember right. The Other Half (husband David) and I have a block of 5 x mixed 2- and 1-beds
  2. A couple of suggestions ... Gareth Morgan, http://www.firstfinancial.solutions/ Stuart Yardley, http://www.trafalgarsq.co.uk/ Lisa Orme, http://keys-mortgages.com/
  3. We haven't used them for pre-purchase yet, but I think (David deals with management so excuse me being a bit vague here!) we once used them to check up on an issue at one of our properties while we were abroad. David has also acted as the man on the ground for them on a couple of occasions in our local area, once for pre-purchase and another for a post-rental check. I confirm however that I/we gain no commission or any other benefit by mentioning them!
  4. I fully agree with Richard's points above. By way of finding someone to view, you could try these guys as it's what they do - https://www.access2view.co.uk/ I have bought blind in the past, but only where I knew the area well, and it worked out fine. I'm far more cautious these days though, and would definitely now view in person before buying. Useful for someone to prepare a shortlist for you though!
  5. Yes! Be pragmatic - if it works for you at that figure, don't stress and enjoy the win! You'll balance it up somewhere else.
  6. We signed up a few weeks ago and are just about to use them for the first time! I'll let you know how it goes ...
  7. Hi Mark, Big topic! There are so many variations of commercial property (as with residential), that it's worth doing a bit of research before diving in. For example, are you drawn to retail premises, light industrial, city centre locations vs smaller towns, commercial to resi conversions, etc etc? I haven't come across a great deal in the way of reading material, apart from the occasional article here and there. It might be worth trawling some of the business-for-sale (freehold property section) and commercial property agent sites to see the different types of investments available. The co
  8. Hi Dmac, Gosh, that's a tough question. I am in no way qualified to answer this, but can only consider what I might do under the same circumstances. I'd probably think long and hard about giving up the option of having employer pension contributions and the opportunity for compound growth on that, but then I'm at a different stage in life so priorities will be different. This topic might have been covered in one of Rob & Rob's podcasts though I can't remember which one - might be worth having a look through the backlog? My first suggestion would be to work out what you want over th
  9. Homewise specialises in working with 50+ and retired people. They're based in Sussex, but not sure if they work nationwide or not. We did an interview with Mark Neal from this company a couple of years back. They might have some suggestions? Kind regards, Jayne
  10. Hi Fraser, No problem. Andrew Featherstone did an article on the subject in issue 77, November 2014; Prab Paul talked over the way he does it in issue 83, May 2015. The next issue - January 2015 - also contains a follow up by Andrew Featherstone on raising private finance, which revisits some of the points in his earlier article. Hope that's enough to go on but if you can't track them down, let me know. Kind regards, Jayne
  11. Hi Matt, Hello from a fellow Welsh investor! We're further over west in Carmarthenshire though. All the best for your investing journey.
  12. Hi Alex, Hold on to the towel! I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time. It's very disheartening. I don't know whether this will help to inspire or not, but the majority of people I speak to in property have had a financial knock-back at some time or other, for all sorts of reasons, but including working with the wrong partners. In answer to your question, I'd go for principle and being able to sleep at night and have done so in the past. We had a business venture that didn't go as planned to say the least, and I decided to walk as soon as I could see that our ethics were not e
  13. I've noticed a lot of these coming on to the market as well. The first re-sell wave perhaps of the newbuilds from a few years back? Their value certainly doesn't seem to keep pace with the rest of the market, but whether that's because they have a limited target market, or for other more technical (ie, lease-related?) reasons, I have no idea. Something to keep an eye on though and I'd be very interested to hear others' views.
  14. Vanessa Warwick (Property Tribes) is a fan of holiday lets. She'd probably be willing to chat about it and also has a few threads on the subject on their forum.
  15. Hi Michael, We have had a couple of holiday lets in the past, though don't have any at the moment and it's a strategy I personally really like. We sold the first before we started properly investing in property (mistake!) and the second to release a chunk of equity. I would definitely do it again in the right area. Common thought is that it takes 2-3 years to become established and be regularly full through peak seasons. That was our experience as well. It might be possible to achieve that in a quicker timeframe if the owner is very proactive in marketing and the property is in the right a
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