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  1. Hi everyone, I will soon be setting up a property development company following completion of our self build project later this year. As part of the start-up process, I will need to design and build a website. I want something that looks modern (e.g. mobile friendly) and professional but at the same time uncomplicated. I am collating information for inclusion and have some ideas upon the brand but do not want to build the website myself. Can anyone recommend a good contact who can help me? I am open minded about working with someone from a distance but it may be helpful if it were someone I could work with on a face to face basis as required - I live in St Albans, Hertfordshire and work in London. I really appreciate any advice and guidance offered. Many thanks, Gary
  2. Hi Rob , I would really appreciate a copy of the audiobook having read the paperback some time ago. Many thanks, Gary
  3. A really good podcast guys! However, I think it is interesting to consider how earnings compare to house prices over a period of time. You can view this ratio via the link below: http://data.london.gov.uk/datafiles/housing/ratio-house-price-earnings.xls I think it is interesting to see that despite the recession, the ratio remains higher than in 03/04 for the North East, North West, Yorkshire And The Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands and the South West. The ratio for East and the South East is higher than 2006 (not too far from the last peak), and London is just a runaway train with the ratio increasing almost year on year. Does this all give some weight to the idea that the UK property market can be split into three geographical areas? Is London set for a correction? Is the SE also set for something of a slowdown or correction? I think the extended period of an historic interest rate low is potentially scewing the entire picture. I think it will be really interesting to see what happens when interest rates begin to move and the election is done and dusted.
  4. With interest rates at an historic low for an unprecedented amount of time, the good times have been rolling in recent years for investors borrowing money. However, at some point they will obviously start to rise. This has led me to ask a number of questions of my current and future investments, i.e. my financial arrangements and minimum yields required to provide some security against future rises. Do you stress test your portfolio? If so, what rate do you use? Personally, I can't see standard BTL mortgage rates (not interest rates) going above 6% in the next 5 years. I also wonder if other investors apply certain 'rules' when assessing a deal with regard to yield, in order to protect against futures rises? I understand that lenders will generally not lend unless the rental payments cover at least 125% of the mortgage payments. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks, Gary
  5. The schools are a big pull for a lot of families. Generally, it's a really nice place to live and raise a family but you will certainly pay for the privilege. We live in Normandy Road (between the town centre and the hospital) but will likely move at some point towards Bernards Heath, with a view to our favoured secondary school catchment areas. I recently attended a tour of Bernards Heath Infant School and I was very impressed with it. In terms of investing in St Albans, I haven't as yet but would consider it - the fundamentals are clearly strong here. It has certainly perfomed well in terms of capital growth in recent history. However, I guess an important question might be how much more there is to go or could you pick an area that has similar credentials but not yet seen the same level of growth.
  6. Welcome to The Hub John. We are close to completing upon a property bought via RMP. I hope it works out well for you there. I live in St Albans (where I understand you are seeking a move to) with my young family. I am happy to offer advice or answer any questions you may have about the area - just get in touch. All the best, Gary
  7. Thanks Dominic. The property is in Hertfordshire and is owned by my parents. In short, we're proposing to demolish part of their existing house, extend it substantially and build a new 4 bedroom house adjacent to the existing. If you would like to see the plans, drop me your email address and I'll send them on. I'm really excited about the prospect but we have to negotiate planning before it can become a reality. It's all part of a bigger plan to build a property development business, with my close family owning shares and benefitting from its success. This forms one of two major property goals for me - the other being to build a portfolio such that we attain assets to provide another income stream.
  8. Great blog Dominic! I am hoping to kick off our own development project onsite in March 15. We are currently waiting on pre application advice from the council before submitting full application.
  9. A wise decision I think. A friend of mine has been in a very similar situation recently but decided to buy his sister out - they're both genuinely lovely people but I hope there is no distaste at any point in the future, should he make a profit when he comes to sell.
  10. Congratulations Andy - a great opportunity for you! I hope it works out well for you and RMP.
  11. I've tried to do it myself on gumtree some time ago with little success. I have only used estate agents since as the cost is probably a small price to pay given the time I get back. However, I may look at it again if people have some good experiences and useful platforms doing it themselves.
  12. Great questions Andrew, but I'm afraid I can add no more. I will definitely pick up that book so I can try to better understand this and wider tax issues. If anyone can help with these questions, I would be really grateful for the advice. To echo what Andrew said, this could have significant implications for a lot of investors on this forum and my strategy will certainly be influenced by tax legislation in this regard.
  13. Hi Richard, I was intrigued by your previous comments on this issue of tax so did my own research. It would seem that I read the same article by Mark, amongst other internet content in this regard. I was also very surprised to learn that all costs borne by someone for raising finance, for the purpose of investment could also be offset against income received from those same investments. For example, I understand that I could remortgage my home to release equity, reinvest that money to purchase further investment properties, then subsequently offset the interest payments paid upon the new mortgage on my home against income from the same investment properties. Anyway, this is probably veering away from the original topic and worthy of its own thread.