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  1. Good evening all! I am in my mid-twenties and I am decided to buy my first property in 2021. I will have saved up a deposit of around 25k in cash in the next few months and I am planning on buying a BTL in the Liverpool area, possibly a 2/3 bed house in a residential area not too distant from the City Centre at around the 60k to 80k price point with a 75% LTV product. I hear a lot of people that recommend buying your own home FIRST before then going into BTL. My issue with that is that I live in London, and the alternative is to keep saving in order to buy my own place and it would s
  2. Hi David! Great stuff. Makes sense, approach a broker first to ensure I can find mortgage products available to me and take it from there. I would probably then look for an accountant. Any tips to find a reputable broker? I am London based. Thanks, Paul
  3. Hi Keung! Thanks a lot for the reply, appreciate it. I currently have around 15k cash and will be saving up a further 10k in the next few months. Considering the sum I have I am thinking to buy up north, Liverpool was my chosen area from a desktop research. From what you say my next step would be to speak to a broker and perhaps ask for recommended solicitor/accountant. Plus getting a Decision in Principle directly from the lender, correct? Thanks, Paul
  4. Hi all, After educating myself on property for over a year I got clear on my goals and my strategy. I will be buying a BTL property in the next 12 months. I have 60% of my target deposit pot already in cash and I will be saving up the remainder over the next 6/8 months. I wanted to know what are the steps I need to take to make sure I am as ready I can be when funds are in place. I have been browsing rightmove and running some numbers on property that fit my criteria. I think I will set up an SPV but will definitely need to speak an accountant about this. Shall I start conta
  5. Hello everyone!! I was wondering, what websites or resources do you use/read on a regular basis to stay up to date with the property market? Any specific websites or reports of interest? I am asking since I was looking for some suggestions myself in order to stay informed during these ever-changing times. Thanks, Paul
  6. Hello there! I am Paul, 23 y.o. and living in London. This is my first post on the Hub although I have been following the 2 Robs for quite sometime. I have been to the London East meetup and had a great time (secured myself a Property Hub mug and a magazine too!) and also got my tickets for the Property Hub Live event which I am SUPER excited about. MY SITUATION: Currently I am in a phase where I have been learning about property as much as I can and trying to figure out what strategies are out there and what is available to me. I work a 9-5 job in Finance and which I enjoy. But I
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