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  1. Hi All, Just wanted to say a huge WELL DONE to Rob & Rob for their response to Jason in Ask 261. Having seen at first hand the number of 'Woo-woo, let's all get rich in under one year, guaranteed cash in property'-style property training courses there are out there, it's so refreshing to have heard Rob Dix say that 20 properties in 6 years is a hell of a stretch for a beginner and that maybe 20 properties in 20 years should be seen as a demanding goal. As most of us on this forum will know, starting out in property investing is hard graft, resource intensive and takes years. By
  2. Hi there, Regrettably I didn't hear anything further from either Mai or Adam, so no progress on the networking there I'm afraid. We are still investing up there, but are more around the valleys and Neath/Port Talbot area than in Cardiff. I won't claim to have any particular knowledge about the Cardiff market, having not bought in the city at all. Sorry that I can't offer anything useful. Good luck with your investing, Chris
  3. Hi Everyone, I'd welcome your thoughts if you have any experience in this area? I'm in a business partnership and every one of the 5 BTL properties we've acquired so far have been funded to a greater or lesser degree by private lending. We've had loan agreements with friends, family, fellow investors and other companies. In every case it's been a win-win for both sides, with us ending up with the property we're after and our lenders getting a good return. We firmly believe that many of our contacts would also love to benefit from such a deal, especially in light of the appalling int
  4. Hi Adam, Are you able to be a bit more specific about your plans, types of property you're looking for, primary strategy etc? Best regards, Chris
  5. Hi Mai, Only too happy to chat and share what we've learned along the way so far. To make communicating easier, feel free to contact me via chris@dspsltd.co.uk and we can come up with a plan. Out of interest, do you live in the South Wales area or are you further afield? Look forward to speaking soon, Chris
  6. Hello everyone, My business partners and I have been investing in the South Wales area (primarily in the valleys north of the M4, between Swansea and Cardiff) for a little while now. We currently deal primarily with flips and single lets, but are also keen to look at developing our portfolio with respect to HMOs and C2R. We'd love to chat with anyone who already invests in the area or are considering doing so in order to share experiences, knowledge and information. In particular we'd welcome people's thoughts on sourcing agents in the area and/or good build teams. If you get in touc
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