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  1. Thanks Stuart. Agree, we’ll have to see what the budget throws up and then probably the next few budgets!!
  2. Thanks DerekT. Yep my question wasn’t great. My reply hopefully clarifies. The Tories may need to go back on their manifesto pledges in the current climate, and although this may not make everyone happy, the money needs to be found from somewhere. let’s see what the budget comes up with and thanks for the advice.
  3. Hi Adam. Sorry as replied, my initial explanation wasn’t great. Hope my other replies answers it. thanks on the dividends advice too.
  4. Thanks for the above. Re-Reading my post it is a bit confusing. We have funds to buy an additional property but instead of buying a new property, we are looking to give the money to the Ltd company and then for the limited company to buy one of our properties. Bit confusing but accountant has said it makes sense. I agree on the increases generally across taxes. The money has to come from somewhere and hopefully it doesn’t make this option obsolete.
  5. Hi all We are in the process of setting up a ltd company as we have 4 BTLs and therefore it pushes us into the higher tax bracket. We’re looking to use the lower stamp duty to sell one of the properties to the company in order to release the funds held within it. There is a rumour that one of the ways the government will look to recoup the costs of COVID Is to increase corporation tax and possibly other increases likely to impact on ltd companies. I’m fairly happy it is still a more tax efficient way of owning larger numbers of properties but looking for some reassurance.
  6. Thanks both for your responses. Both answers are nice and reassuring. I still feel a bit of a novice in the BTL game. We have an estate agent who manages our properties and we are happy with them. They advice on the values and they are currently let to private tenants. Good to know these rental values tend to follow salaries. In these uncertain times, the more reassurance, the better. Thanks again
  7. Hi all I've read a lot about house prices following the property cycle but there seems to be nothing similar written in relation to rental values during these cycles. I am currently investing in a further property and the sums add up but depending on what and where you read, we are potentially going to have some form of slump in house prices in the coming year(s). This does not concern me as I’m in this for the long term but wondered could we see a drop in monthly Rental income. Clearly this may impact on possible profits moving forward. Thoughts or experience?? T
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