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    I own a property business - which includes a chain of luxury apartment-hotels and an estate agency
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    Sourcing property; setting up and running apartment-hotel businesses; property and land deals; estate agency
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    Exceptional regular income and long-term capital growth

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  1. Hello Manesh I used to live in Birmingham and also Nottingham. In Nottingham I benefited from investing where the tram routes went in about 15 years ago...suburbs along those routes saw increased rental yields and strong capital growth. Taking that strategy into Birmingham could work. The new Sprint transport upgrade ahead of the 2022 Commonwealth Games (and then being further developed afterwards ahead of HS2) could turn some areas into strong property hot spots. Here https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/info/50082/transport_improvement_schemes/1785/sprint_public_transport/2 is a lin
  2. Hi Danny Firstly as someone who's attended several of the Nottingham meet-ups I can attest to Jonathan's (above) superb knowledge of Nottingham. In terms of Birmingham, where I lived for several years and my estate agency is now selling, a great simple tip building on my experience when I lived in Nottingham and benefited from the tram route going in is to look at the Sprint transport route. This is being created ahead of the 2022 Commonwealth Games and then developed further to link with HS2. Here https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/info/50082/transport_improvement_schemes/1785/spri
  3. Hi Julie If you're looking solely in Birmingham, then I think there are several areas other than Smethwick that are ripe for becoming property hot spots. A good indicator will be the Sprint route - upgraded transport links through the city to coincide with the Commonwealth Games and ahead of HS2 coming in. Here https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/info/50082/transport_improvement_schemes/1785/sprint_public_transport/2 is a link to more details. From my experience in Nottingham when the tram route went in, key areas along that route benefited from capital growth and increased rental yields s
  4. Hi Adam Firstly, well done on getting yourself educated and into a well-paid job that you enjoy - that's a terrific advert for hard work, determination and ambition. I went to Birmingham Uni (in the 1990s...in fact before you were born if you're 23!) and still have great friends in the area...I was best man to one in Solihull in May. You should rightly take time to consider lots of options and get the right advice but I thought I'd alert you to a development that my estate agency are selling. In the first couple of weeks, 60 of 126 apartments have sold so this definitely isn't a 'har
  5. Hello Nathaniall I'd be very interested in speaking to you about this further. I own a property business which includes an estate agency (we're selling apartments in Sheldon, Birmingham which I believe have terrific capital growth potential and seem to fit your financial objectives). We also offer property sourcing and have a long-established apart-hotel business in Nottingham (and I used to live there) so I would be happy to talk about that too with you. If you'd like to discuss this further, feel free to email me at carl@bricksandmortar.house Best wishes and I hope to hear fro
  6. Hello Tiffany My company offer property sourcing (and coincidentally the estate agency within our group are selling apartments in Birmingham which may or may not be of interest). If you'd like to find out more, feel free to email me at carl@bricksandmortar.house and we can hopefully work together to find you what you require. Many thanks Carl
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