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  1. Good topic! I’m an engineer. Specialist in gas engines and CHP systems. Also Gas Safe and have a knowledge of boilers, so if anyone in Liverpool or surrounding areas needs any help with boilers in future feel free to give me a shout. Paul
  2. Hi Darren, Well done mate, it’s a big effort to take the first steps and a lot of people won’t follow through and keep it up, so good on you! I’m ex military and can fully appreciate the benefits of having a PT shouting at you to get you through a session. All the best, hope you keep it up! Paul
  3. Hi folks, my name is Paul and I’m fairly new to the idea of property investment. I was first introduced to it, and inspired by a friend of mine who has a few properties in Liverpool which is where I live, and will be looking to invest. My wife and I are in the fortunate position that we got a great deal on our family home and have added value to it since, so when it comes to remortgage we should be in a comfortable position to release some money and start our investment journey. We now have a bit of a wait on our hands, as we tied in to our current deal for 5 years, and still have just over 3 years left until we can release the funds, but ever the optimist I see it as having 3 years worth of research and learning ahead of us to put us in the best possible position before we take the plunge. In the mean time I’m toying with the idea of investing in a crowdfunding property investment, as it requires smaller outlay which I am in a position to commit to. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has experience of these investments, good or bad!! As a ‘newbie’ I’m obviously also keen to chat with anyone who has any advice to give to a novice investor. If I can reciprocate with advice of my own then I gladly will, however I know more about engineering at this stage than property as that’s my day job, so if you need something fixing I’m your man! Hopefully as time goes on I will be able to pass on the advice I’m given, as well as my own experience. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Paul
  4. Hi Esteban, I’m from Liverpool and although I don’t live in Bootle I know plenty of places around the city as my day job takes me to many of them. I also know a few people who do live in Bootle (one friend who already has a couple of properties there). Bootle may get a bit of bad press from people who think they know the area, but let’s be honest, and I’m a scouser saying this so it’s allowed, the whole of Liverpool has had bad press over the years and people still invest and do extremely well here. I’ll soon be looking to buy my first investment property, and Bootle is definitely on my list of places to buy. A friend of mine was selling his home in Bootle and his estate agent told him as soon as he put it on the market that it would be someone from Bootle who bought it, and it was. When he asked how he knew, his estate agent replied ‘people from outside Bootle may not want to come and live in Bootle, but people from Bootle don’t want to live anywhere else’. From what I know and the research I’ve done I’d say he wasn’t far wrong. In my opinion there will always be people looking to rent there, and if you can grab a bargain I’m sure you won’t regret it over time. Hope this helps. Paul
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