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  1. Hi all. Just purchased my first BTL property in the staffs area and was wondering if anyone could recommend an accountant/tax expert to use. I understand there’s lots of things you can offset against your investment property but it appears a bit of a mind field so thought an expert would be best.! Any help/advice would be very much appreciated. Darryl
  2. Thanks for your reply Adam. I’ll contact a mortgage advisor to get more info.
  3. Hi all. Has anyone got recommendations for company’s supplying bridging loans..? Im only looking to borrow around 100k. Never had this kind of finance before but advised to look into it following a property hub meet up last night. Regards all Darryl
  4. Thank you for taking the time to reply, very much appreciated. I understand that with the budget I will hopefully have my margins will be tight, my difficulty will be finding the right property but I know their out there.! Ive renovated property’s before but always lived in them but this is hopefully the start of a new venture to continue with after my retirement in just under 5 yrs. Thanks for confirming that I’m on the right track. I’ll get there in the end.!!!
  5. Hi all. Im looking for financial advice on how to get started. I currently own a bungalow with my wife which we`ve completely renovated ourselves. The equity in the property is around 240k, our mortgage is around 170k with the Coventry building society. Ive tried to get a "further advance" of around a 100k to purchase a property in order to renovate and flip and then repeat. We first sought advice from a whole of market mortgage adviser who told us, after supplying basic figures that the Cov would in principle provide the cash. We`ve been through the affordability checks with the Cov, no issues there however their now saying that this is not part of their lending criteria..! Can anyone help with advice on how to release the capital we have in our house in order to get started..? In a perfect world id like to borrow around 110k, purchase for around 90/100k use the outstanding 10k to renovate then sell for a profit then repeat paying chunks off the cash advance as and when. Is this a feasible idea or am i going about it all wrong..? The mortgage adviser made it sound so simple..!! Regards Darryl