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  1. I agree that his example doesn't add up because he hasn't included the amount paid from renting. Plus, his main motive is to drive people towards his investing course. He has another one here about the difference between price and value. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/you-cant-go-wrong-bricks-mortar-siam-kidd?trk=prof-post. Thanks for the book recommendations, Andy, I will look into them as I really do need to educate myself on that subject.
  2. Hi all! I recently discovered this article that suggests buying a house now, whether it's residential or BTL, is a terrible idea. I would be interested to know what your thoughts. Matt https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/fallacy-home-ownership-siam-kidd?trk=prof-post
  3. To follow up...what is actually involved in 'raising money out of the property?' How would it affect my parents/what implications would there be? The house is owned by my Mum (52) and Nan (80). Does it just mean that when they sell the house they receive the money less the amount gifted? Are there fees, tax or interest involved?
  4. Thank you for your responses. Can anyone recommend a broker or have tips for finding a good one?
  5. Hi Richard, Thank you for the suggestion, I will get in contact with him. I appreciate the help. Matt
  6. Hello, I am currently renting with my partner and we would like to get our first house together but we are far from a reasonable deposit. My parents have paid off their mortgage and I expect their house to have increased a lot in value since they purchased it. Is there any way we can use equity from their house as a deposit for ours? If so will we later be able to use equity from our new house to buy an investment property? I have only just started learning about the industry so please excuse any naivety. All suggestions appreciated. Matt
  7. Hi all, I have always wanted to get into property investment but considered it as something that wouldn't be possible until I was already rich. I recently read Rich Dad Poor Dad, which led to me doing some research and to this forum. I live in Norwich and would love to form a relationship with people nearby to make some contacts and learn everything possible. Looking forward to learning. Matt
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