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  1. Dear Property Hub community, My name is Luis, I'm a Spanish Construction Engineer that has lived half of his life already here in the UK. I'm passionate about property investment, for now I've done mainly buy to lets and a couple flips. I'm MCIOB, so charted construction manager and I've got my own small design and build company in partnership with an architect and a Surveyor. I'm also working my way into becoming a residential valuer through RICS. almost there, but not just yet! I would be very happy to help anyone interested in investing in property so I can learn about what kind of projects other people do so please do not hesitate to contact me if you've got any worries or queries regarding current or future projects, building works on the go, issues with a fellow builder (we can be a handful sometimes but with patience and beer you might get a smile!) or any others that you think I might be able to help with. I specially love looking at projects to be, feasibility studies to explore the potential of a deal. I'm happy to give rough estimates free of charge and also my opinion as a construction professional on how easy - challenging the idea you've got in mind can be. Bests, Luis
  2. Hi Charlotte, Tom is 100% right on his answer, I would just add that you can get a very good indicative of how easy it would be for the planning permission to be granted or not by checking for existing comparable in the same road / close area. Basically if someone has done it already, there's a lot of chances you will be allowed to do it too. gets a bit trickier building against the neighbors boundary because you require a party wall agreement and without their consent and even if the council agrees you won't be able to undertake the works. In terms of the cost of the extension, I'm MCIOB (chartered construction manager) with my own design and build company and amateur property investor, I would be very happy to give you a rough idea on costs for free if you want but I need a bit more info like location, type of construction of the existing building, expectations of the new area etc. feel free to message me if you would like my opinion. Bests, Luis
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