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  1. Hi, im a relatively new landlord and am looking for some advice among this covid-19 trouble. I rent 4 rooms to students at £360pcm (all bills inclusive) and have had them basically say to me they dont want to pay because of the virus and they dont have to. I generously (in my opinion) offered to lower the rent to £200 each for April if this would help them make the payments (all their parents pay the rent for them anyway). They replied with we will let you know if we agree to this... what? I pay the mortgage and am self employed so have lost all income currently. Its not a buy to le
  2. Hi guys, first time landlord here of a 4 bed student house. Everything started smooth but one girls fatger has proven quite a nuisance. He is now claiming i nees to provide seats and dining chairs for the basement (which i converted into a living area literally to try and be kind). I know plenty of student lets dont even have a living room so is he right that i have to provide these things? Any advice would be much appreciated, Jack
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