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  1. Hi Lee, I am one of the meet up leaders for Epsom along with Andy Garnett, the meet up starts at 7.30pm and I promise you we were there. We always meet up at the back of the pub either in the enclosed area opposite the toilets, in the court yard if it is nice weather as it was at the July meet up or we are in the Stables right at the back. I will be running the next meet up in August so please pop down if your free, it would be great to meet you and chat all things property. Thanks Justin
  2. Hi John, you need to work out what it is you want to gain from your investments, i.e. flips to build a pot of cash quicker or BTL for a longer term investment, capital growth and cashflow, rent 2 rent etc etc, there are so many strategies and we all have different plans and ideas. What is good for one person may not be good for another... Me personally I would buy a few smaller properties and spread the risk, or if I wanted to get more experience I would JV with someone, use your money to get a percentage return and learn from the process then go off and do it yourself. Cheers
  3. Welcome Jeffrey, Just stick to the podcasts then try RMP property, they do a lot of stuff up North if you want a ready made hands off investment...
  4. Hi Hubbers, I am thinking at signing up to LNPG to purchase boilers/whitegoods and a few kitchens....anyone have any experience/feedback using them? Regards Justin PS. Don't forget the surrey meet up in Epsom on the 2nd Thursday of every month
  5. Hi I am hoping someone can help me.......I am looking to purchase a first floor flat which is above a shop and it has 2 other flats above it, the shop itself owns the freehold from the floor to the ceiling of the shop then there is a head lease owned by a third party in place which covers the additional 3 flats above the shop starting from the first floor to the 3rd floor. Each flat then has its own lease under the head lease. In the past there have been problems trying to sell the flat due to the fact that mortgage companies don't like/understand the head lease. I am able to purchase the
  6. Hi I am hoping someone can help me...... I am looking at buying a couple of flats at auction and I have been doing some research because the flats have struggled to sell on the open market, the reason is this Both flats are above a shop (there are 3 in total one is already owned and rented out), the shop owner has the freehold for the shop & basement and everything up to his ceiling. A head lease has been set up with about 850 years remaining which is owned by a 3rd party and they have created 3 sub leases for the 3 flats above the shop for 125 years each, the reason previous s
  7. Hi Tom, sorry for the late reply, I have been away... Portsmouth fits into my criteria, can you message me some information on yourself and what you do, cheers
  8. Hi there just a quick introduction, I have been listening to the podcast for a while and think its great so have now joined the forum, I have a couple of properties at the moment and looking to build a BTL portfolio over the next 8 years so I can be financially free. Things are progressing and I am learning everyday! I have a JV up north renovating a 4 bed house and I am renovating a one bed holiday cottage in the South. I have a full-time job which is nothing to do with property but I hope to make property my business with the next 3 years, I am a doer rather than just a talker altho
  9. Hi Andy, I have just joined this forum (also a keen listener to the podcast) and live near Epsom, I am on a very similar journey to yourself, live in Surrey, young family, work lots and have a 10 year plan looking to do BTL, I would be happy to meet up for chat about all things property, Cheers Justin
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