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  1. I think this is overly negative. So if I’m currently buying a 85-90k house for 72k what will I lose if prices drop? If I add 7 k worth of value to that what have I lost? Likewise, I’m intending on banking the cash flow for now. So that’s 4800 pre tax a year over your three years. So some 15k. So if the worst does happen what have I lost... that to one side I personally think this will massively effect different areas of the U.K. if it does happen. I invest in an area that’s not even recovered from the last crash. When house prices are 7 times the local average wage and not 18 and employment
  2. Put the holding deposit down on my first flat 15 years ago (I was a little drunk at the time). Trying to make more sensible choices moving forward :-) I have purchased two properties in the north east in the last nine months on the BRRR model hoping to get most of my money back out. But i'm very torn as to whether I should start investing in the north west as well. Has been going ok but the time taken for purchase, the fees, the drawing of mortgage time and fees have started seriously dragging this process out. So I am considering just buying with a mortgage from the get go. Single lets
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