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  1. (For whoever is reading this) Update - I rang my drainage dude Scott and told him about Yorkshire Water's trip. Scott said that I should have let him speak to the Yorkshire Water man (Bradley) and they could have had a chat. Luckily, I still had Bradley's number & so I arranged for Bradley and Scott to have a chat. Afterwards, Scott told me that Yorkshire Water is going to desilt their pipes, which will help and Scott said he would take another look. After Scott took another look, he realised that the toilet and attached wastepipe is blocked with limescale! As a result, the toile
  2. Cheers Stuart. Any idea how this changes if BTL purchases are within a limited company?
  3. Hi all, Had a question about affordability - personal loans, specifically. I wanted to know what kind of impact this has on mortgage-ability. For example, is it a problem if I have a personal loan whilst applying for a mortgage? What about if I have a personal loan and I’m applying for a mortgage within my limited company? Else, how about if I pay off all outstanding personal loans before applying for a mortgage? Is there any lasting impact on my credit score of having one? (All assuming that I’m repaying the personal loan as expected and there are no defaults or delinquencies) How a
  4. Hi mate, Thank you very much for your response! I've recently acquired the property (last month) & the council pay me directly already, since the previous landlord had gone through the UC74 process, afaik. Assuming that the tenant informs Universal Credit of the increase in rent, what would happen then? Would Universal Credit cover the difference, assuming that the new rent is within their housing allowance? Cheers!
  5. Hi all, As above really. How do I do so? I own a property with a Universal Credit tenant (who pays no portion of the rent) and the council pays me the monthly rent directly. Whilst I'm not intending on increasing rent soon, I was wondering what the process is? The tenants don't understand English that well, so whilst I would send them an email indicating the rise, I would need to inform the council myself. Was wondering what I'd need to do and whether the council may have any questions, queries or indeed put up any barriers for me? Looking forward to the replies, Arjun
  6. Hi all, Am struggling to deal with a seriously blocked toilet in Doncaster... God knows what’s been put down it! The toilet drains, but very slowly, with solids failing to clear at all. Not nice. Called a local drainage bloke to take a look and whilst he managed to attack some of the blockage, he said that the blockage is definitely outside the property and I should call Yorkshire Water to vacuum the blockage out with a tanker. He apparently tried to clear it using 3000 psi and it didn’t work. He managed to pull out some waste which included a j cloth... (!) Yorkshire Water came
  7. Hi all, Wanted to ask a rather theoretical question - what would my lending options be if I refused to provide a personal guarantee to my limited company on a new mortgage application? I understand they would be limited, but exactly how limited? How about if my limited company had several properties already, with a large monthly cashflow? What about if my limited company owned another business which had a decent monthly cashflow? What about if my limited company was owned by another profit generating company? Looking forward to your answers. Cheers!
  8. Hi all, I'm buying a property with tenants in situ and I don't think I'll be able to pick up the keys until a week after completion takes place. That's when I'll go up to the estate agent's office, pick the keys up and meet the tenants. Is there a problem with this? Would there be any risks that I should know about? Cheers, Arjun
  9. Hi all, As above - I need to file accounts for the first accounting period of my limited company now and I'm on the hunt for a top property specialist tax accountant. Please provide recommendations below. Cheers! Arjun
  10. Thanks Julia! Really appreciate your help, will do some investigation myself. Arjun
  11. Thanks Julia. Few questions: Firstly, it’s a Victorian terrace, so I’ll look for those points when I’m next there. Secondly, if it’s coming through the walls or floor, what would the plan of action be? Finally, is it advisable to deal with this or is it normal for South Yorkshire properties & can I leave it be? If it’s a Victorian house, surely this has been the case for years?
  12. Hi all, I have a property in Doncaster that seems to let water in when it rains. The floor is squelchy, but there isn't any stagnant water as such. I think it's rainwater and nothing more sinister, but I was wondering what the best plan of action is? The tenant tells me that he needs a machine to just pump the water out of the cellar and that will do, but I was wondering whether there is any other problem as such? I recently purchased the property and the mortgage valuation survey didn't bring up any problems as such, so I don't think it should be too much of a problem, should it?
  13. Nope all good, cheers!
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