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  1. Hi Tej, if this is something your still interested in i am willing to help as I have lived in Hitchin my whole life. I also have contacts (Agents) based in Luton
  2. So sorry i haven't replied Rob, Im still happy to meet up if your free
  3. Im trying to create a loan agreement as I have a couple investors who are interested in investing. I have an understanding of what it should contain but want to know how people guarantee that they will pay, and if not what securities do you put on? (Fees, charges etc.)
  4. No worries, That is beyond my knowledge, id speak to an accountant for that
  5. Would anyway (after COVID-19) in the Hertfordshire area like to meet up to discuss all things property?
  6. Hi Dwayne, if you purchase a BTL you’ll lose your first time buyer status when purchasing your residential property. depending on your finances you may be able to buy a BTL in your name then your residential in your partners name potentially
  7. thanks for your response Derek. The solicitor was recommended by my broker so people thought my fees were slightly higher i would have been happy to pay purely on the basis that they work together, hopefully allowing for a more efficient process. As you've said the pricing is reasonable i think i will continue to use them. Regards Mitchell
  8. I have been recommended a solicitor through my broker and have subsequently been sent through the full list of costs if i were to choose them. I would love peoples opinions on them and if they look too high or priced competitively. Purchase Legal Fees £700.00 Legal Fees VAT at 20% £140.00 Supplements Mortgage Lender Fee £125.00 Bank Transfer Fee (Per Transfer) £45.00 Search Pack £300.00 VAT at 20% £94.00 Disbursements Pre Completion Searches £7.00 Land Registry Fees £20.00 Stamp Duty (SDLT) £2,100.00 Total: £3,531.
  9. This definitely helps, thank you Conrad. In terms of your team as such, would you be happy to recommend your broker and accountant (assuming you have one) to myself? Mitchell
  10. Hi Stuart, Thanks for your reply. Its interesting to see some points from someone on the other side of the deal so to speak. Your point about agents insisting on having a meeting before a sale, as I've heard (also conrads post on this forum) that some agents are forcing buyers to meet before and deal takes place. It is certainly something il will keep in the back of my mind Regards Mitchell
  11. Hi Conrad, Thanks for your response. As a property beginner theses tips will certainly be helpful and I will take note. In terms of getting your financial affairs in place what does this consist of? Regards Mitchell
  12. I would like to get peoples thoughts on using the the estate agents (who's selling the house) mortgage advisor? Ive always thought about using my own independent broker, but after speaking to a couple of investors they recommended using the broker as sometimes it may be cheaper but also as an extra incentive for your offer to be accepted
  13. Hi all, I am a first time investor and I'm looking to get my team around before purchase of my first property. I am based in Hitchin and I am wondering if any recommends an accountant around this area. Thanks
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