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  1. I have been saving now for a while and learning as much as I can about the property cycle, I’ve done some calculations and it’s gunna take me at least a year maybe 2 to save for a deposit and I’m not sure where property prices will be when it comes to it, I believe we’re currently in the mid cycle dip but I’m hoping we won’t be in the explosive phase by the time I want to start investing, so I’m just looking for some opinions on where we will be in 2 years?
  2. Hello my names Ewan I’m 21 and live in Wales I’ve been very interested in property the past year but really got into it in the last 5 months and have been reading, watching and listening to everything I can get my hands on. I’m looking to join a mastermind group to further my education and sort of live bicuriously though other investors up until the point I have enough capital to invest for myself, thank you.