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  1. Morning everyone just a bit of advice please. I’m interested in converting a 2 bed terrace house into two small self contained flats for serviced accommodation purposes. if anyone has done this please do get in touch, really keen to hear the costs, would you do it again and anything else I need to think about. thanks in advance
  2. Hi Yiannis We’re branching out into Preston. Happy if you want to make contact. bw
  3. Hi Adrian we’re expanding into Preston, would be good to have a chat. Feel free to get In touch. bw
  4. Morning, just looking to expand my network in the preston area. If anyone knows of any deal sources or individuals That manage service accommodation I’d love to hear from you, thanks
  5. I’d love the opportunity to share due diligence spreadsheets. I’ll copy mine when I get to my laptop. i look at market data over a 12month, 5 yr and 10yr spread, also look at rental prices over the same time, look at crime statistics , wages, population etc, transport
  6. Evening, im looking to connect with people that invest in the North East. If that includes you please feel free to ping me a message. Thanks in advance Mark
  7. Hello, I’m a Nurse within the NHS but as much as I love it I went to venture Into the world of property. My goal? Ten properties in ten years. I’m in a great position whereby I have a decent amount of cash which I can use to purchase my first two properties. I’m looking at HMO in the Liverpool area but really keen to network with others and see what their looking at. look forward to speaking to you all soon. best wishes Mark
  8. Evening all, looking to invest in Liverpool, student houses, professionals or residential (family home). Anyone used a decent deal soucing firm? thanks in advance