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  1. Hi all, Newbie to the hub and to the forum here. I am 42 years old from Glasgow and have recently decided to commit to becoming a property investor and building a BTL portfolio, with a view to leaving my job or possibly semi-retiring at a relatively young age. Mid to late 50s...? I have one rental property currently and a repayment mortgage on my home. I estimate that I can release around 80-90k in equity early this year. Having 3-4 rental properties by the end of the year seems realistic, so I am looking to gain a property investment education using whatever resources I can find to enable myself to make good investment decisions. I will also need to find somewhere else to live. I will be browsing the forum, reading back editions of the magazine and listening to podcasts for the foreseeable future. If there is a Glasgow meetup I would be keen to attend. Best of luck in your endeavours and thanks for reading. Sean