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  1. the sun is a reliable source of property advice?!
  2. I was looking at these kind of investments but then a couple of articles I read changed my mind... this article maybe worth a read it is on the telegraph page which you have to subscribe for but if you go on the link and screenshot the page each time before the subscribe box pops up you can read it :) https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/buy-to-let/10852153/Student-digs-offer-a-harsh-lesson-for-investors.html
  3. firstly hello ime new :) Im a prospective first time landlord looking at a small HMO that is currently tenanted by profesionals and im wanting advice... the property is marketed as a 4 bed end terrace but upon enquiry i have found the living room has been turned in to a bedroom, am i right in saying when valuing this as a potential purchase i should see it as a 3 bed in bricks and mortar and it should be valued as such? also is the rental income relevant when considering the market price?? here is the property in question https://www.thelandlordlink.co.uk/property-details/?id=859 would welcome any advice thanks!