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  1. Hi All, I need some advice, I am currently in the process of purchasing a property in Medway, Kent, a 3 bed terrace house and will convert into a 6 bed, 5 ensuite and 1 communal bathroom. All rooms will share a kitchen and a communal living lounge area. I have read online that sometimes councils price council tax per room in an HMO as they class each room as a single dwelling, rather than the house as a whole. I have spoken to the VOA (valuation office agency) for Medway council who have noted that even though a room may be just a bed and a bathroom, IF it has the facility to
  2. Hi, First time on the forum. I have recently set up a limited company with a close friend to use as a SPV, which we have just bought our first property using. I understand the tax implications regarding an ltd, we will not take money out of the company at all, instead, just pay corporation tax and reinvest the money in the business. I own a residential property under my name which I live in and currently rent one of my spare rooms out for £550pcm, which is in line with the rent-a-room scheme guidelines. I am planning to move out of the house this year and into a rented flat with
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