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  1. Hi all, I'm a property investor with proven records and I'm looking for an investor that is able to provide cash finance for flip projects in South East England. I'm willing to offer either debt or equity. You can send me an email at: doorly.properties@gmail.com or a DM here. Looking forward to work with you, David
  2. I'm also looking for experiences with Provestor, it seems like a good service but I can't find any reviews.
  3. I have just purchased my first property through a limited company and I'm looking for an accountant to handle the money side of things. Any recommendations?? Also, what would be a reasonable price for a small portfolio? Thanks Davide
  4. Hi Hubbers, I'm Davide from London, I recently started my journey through property investment and put my first buy to let property under contract (South England) which is expected to give me a 12% ROI, pretty excited about that and about the fact that I will be self managing the property, so will be learning how to do that as well. At this point I'm starting to think about my next deal, I have invested a good chunk of my savings in the first property and for my next one I was looking for ways to avoid trapping all the money in the deal, so thought the best strategy for that would be
  5. Hi there! I'm Davide from London, I've started my property journey 6 months ago by watching Webinars, reading books and networking with people. I now have just put my first rental property under contract , the property generates a cash on cash ROI of 13% and it's in Portsmouth. I can offer help with finding good deals and analysing properties, also can recommend a great mortgage broker. What I'm looking for: - Great deals in the Midlands and South England - Investment partners for collaboration on projects - Contractors recommendations for a fixer-upper pr
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