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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yeah well I am not a member of them and I am thinking of joining, do you think they can answer such questions? So I didn't change the contract to reflect the new date but I have it on text and that is a proof of it. I didn't pay for referencing true it could of been worst but it is such so hard to get any information online about this topic. There is loads of deposit not being given or etc. I don't want to be given a month notice at all, which will make it messy and technically they didn't even start the contract yet. So thoughts on this would be so appreciat
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first post ever here so sorry if it's not correct in any way. i have signed an tenancy agreement with a tenant and they paid the deposit. Then a day later they said if they can delay the tenancy for a week then move in as they were having issues finding someone to rent their place... Now they don't want to move in a week later after their original move in date.. I have lost money and potential others tenants. Can I keep their deposit ? I have put this in their contract that If the tenant does not move in on the date stated then I will not be returnin
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