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  1. I would like it if when you save a property, there was a way of adding/linking some notes to it. Also, I would like an option to to be able to access nearby rental/let agreed prices from the original listing. I apologise if things like this are available on the actual site but most of my browsing is done via the App.
  2. I can completely echo your frustrations!!! I have just ended up buying what is pretty much a ‘turn key’ property after viewing 20+properties and multiple offers being rejected. I was initially attempting to buy a BRR property but all the rundown properties seem to be selling for near enough the final product value - crazy. The ROI still adds up on this B2L, and whilst I am disappointed that I will not be able to stretch my money further using BRR model, I do not want to wait for a market dip that may not happen, and find myself paying another 5k-10k in a years time an d lose out on potential income.
  3. I had a quick look, and whilst I am not that deep into property management etc so far, but at present I feel uncomfortable sharing quite as much information and linking bank accounts etc with the site. Perhaps those of you with larger portfolios may find it works better for you and makes life easier - so look forward to hearing what others have to say.
  4. We are currently remortgaging two B2L’s, both with Santander, although they have appointed different legal firms to each case and are using a ‘track my Case’ system through a company called LMS. This was very easy to log into and set up on our side. The first legal have firm dragged their heels and seemed to resist updating this tracker until I chased them up countless times. Even with regards to acknowledging receipt of our info after weeks!! The second firm/remortgage, which started a good month or so after the first, have been excellent. Every stage updated as and when completed with excellent communication. This mortgage has now overtaken the first. In summary, the tracker is really useful if the law firm use it. It also brings to light just how poor some conveyancers are! (both remortgages are on similar properties in the same areas btw)
  5. Hi all, New to Property hub but I’m really liking what I have seen so far. A quick introduction to myself: My wife and I are now Starting our second year of being landlord’s. In 2017/18 we remortgaged our current home to release the spare equity we had, giving us enough for deposits on 2 X 3bed terraced properties approx £100k each. Giving us a good rental return but at the expense of having a poorer capital gain. Over the last year I’ve been doing some research and reading a lot of books on the subject. I’ve had my eyes opened, I am currently at the stage of trying to ascertain what ‘my goal’ is. I’m really interested in HMO with a longer term view to becoming a full time landlord with the option possibly refurb and flip a few properties in the process. My skill set lends itself to refurbishment, building etc and my current role has developed Project management skills. My problem now is impatience and not having that much in the way of capital just yet. john H
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