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  1. Hi Ayns, Thanks for your post. That's exactly what I was considering doing. I also think after the pandemic the market will only continue to grow. One thing I didn't realise is you can't obtain a mortgage on a property you intend to flip, or it's doubtful a lender will consider it. Hi Gary, I need to have a valuation done officially but unofficially there's about 120k in equity there. I owe 82k on the mortgage give or take and it's worth about 210-215k. I would have enough for deposit on a lower price property, however I'm still searching around on whats best to buy and w
  2. Evening All, I have only recently come across this forum and thought I would create an account. I've always had an interest in property and in the back of my mind always had an ambition, eventually, to leave my job and work on property development full time. I was hoping to ask for some advice based on the information below from others more experienced than me in this area. I've had a BTL property in the South East for approximately 5 years now. I don't owe too much on it and it's value has shot up since I bought it, which I estimate would leave me with 110-120k in total profit if I
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