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  1. Rob, Can you take a look my photo can turn it he right way, always uploads like this.
  2. I have 6 properties and my calculation of what I pay for the interet is very similar to what I would pay the tax man if have paid them all off, so is it not better to have a plan to pay the properties off by the end of the term. I typically start with a 75/25 repayment mortgage and pay extra each year till I have a 50/50 LTV then revert to an interst only, this helps cash flow a lot but have more money tied up in the properties, try My Mortgage app for ipad great place to track all your mortgages. Kev
  3. Lucas, I am also up North and have replaced several combi boilers, the prices appear with in the range I have paid. As for the agent only getting you one quote my agents are the same, which I find normal as they often have a regular vendor who carries out the yearly gas cert and often ask them to carry out the work. Kevin
  4. I have pondered over all the different opinions for interest only v capital repayment, for years and I don't think 1 system fits all, you have properties in London or down South in General that appear to be going up in value by 10s of thousands pounds per year or month, making good retun on the capital gain, where as up North the 7 to 10 year property doubling in value definitely does not work, at least for me, so why not have someone else's money pay off a property for me. So my plan has been to purchase on a interest and capital repayment at 75/25% LTV plus pay an extra amount off every mon
  5. As an overseas landlord I am limited to less choice, I found asking Simply Business to call me back and tell them what I wanted (rather than filling in the online form) they found me several options and saved me £ 100 pound on the previous year, which was also through them, just the actual insurer increased thier premium. Working for me up to now.. Kev
  6. If you just want to keep all you property info in one place and use it for your tax at end of the end of the year the I don't think you will find anything better than https://www.propertyhawk.co.uk/pm3s/ I used if for over 5 years now and don't see anything is missing. Regards Kev
  7. Simply Business, on line insurance company with a full market brokerage, found them to be great... Kevin
  8. I would also be interested in the out come to this, I have used HSBC for 6 properties, but they will not let me have any more "I am now classed as a professional landlord" (Amit be good to catch up some time to share experience) Kevin.
  9. Andy, I think their system is way off at times, I have 3 identical properties walking distance from each other, one I bought over 20 years ago 5 years ago and last year and they are a valued different 88k, 69k and 77k by Zoopla. I put them all at 75k value. Also Zoopla rent states 420pm when you can easily..
  10. Richard, Thanks for the reassuring comments, maybe there's an angle to rent to the future influx of contractors working on the project, and not live in a caravan, like I did when working on road projects around the UK.. Damien, Your showing your knowledge of the area, Vauxhall appears to still be ok, however all the petrochemical industry is moving out so a big hit in that area. I do feel the development will be good for the area at the end of the day and should bring more business in some ways to the town. I am seeing an increased number of properties going on the market that are around
  11. Dear all, The council of my home town Ellesmere Port have finally given into developer pressure and passed the new development of a parcel of green fired land to build 1500 new properties... My question to all is how would you see such a large scale development effecting a BTL business, in a positive way or negative way.. Cheers Kevin
  12. Rob, There's a lesson learnt, I must look in at the hub every day, I have completely missed this thread, however I was in Shanghai on the 11 and the 13 was my Birthday so it was a family night... Hope you can head out this way again in the future.. Cheers Kevin
  13. Interesting topic, covers parts of my question on how I will pass my portfolio over to my kids...
  14. Dear All, I mentioned a topic in my introduction, that I would like to pass on half of my property portfolio to my kids once they reach 20 years old should they want to be involved in property. With this long term plan as part of my investment strategy, I assume I would need to pay the properties off first, this would then bring me onto tax issues and how I would go about actually passing them to my children. Any thoughts on the best way to do this.. Cheers Kevin
  15. Nick, My home town is up North other side of the water then you... E Port...
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