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  1. Hi all, I'm venturing into the exciting world of property investment and would be keen to network with a small group or link up with someone in a mentoring style capacity. I appreciate there's a wealth of knowledge and experience on here and would be keen to team up with people who are interested to do so! If that sounds like something you'd like to be part of, please get in touch. Kris
  2. Hi Mark, This sounds like a really interesting route to take with HMOs and one that provides safe housing to people in need. Would you be willing to share more details about ROI if I messaged you privately? Best wishes, Kris
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or thoughts... tenants have recently vacated a house in Hounslow and I was thinking of refurbishing it before putting it on the market (new carpets/doors/skirting/kitchen/bathroom/electrics). Three estate agents have visited to value the property and advised just selling it as it is allowing the next buyer to renovate it. Is there value to be made in refurbing if I can do a lot of the work myself or should I just sell it? All thoughts, opinions and experiences would be appreciated! Kris
  4. Hi PropertyHub Community, I've been having ongoing issues with the letting agents managing a rental property and was just wondering if there are there any consumer rights or advice centres for issues like this? The company is a well known high street sales and letting agent that I've been working with for almost six years, but a few of the issues I've had recently really raise concern. A couple of the major issues include rental payments being withheld from my account for almost three months by the agent despite them having received the money from the tenants. First they said it was because an admin fee hadn't been settled by the tenant(??) and then because they had issue with the named tenants on the agreement even though this had been signed off by all parties three months previously. It took six weeks to get the accurate answer and twelve weeks before rent was forwarded as normal. I also raised a complaint with their complaints department in early July which still hasn't been picked up by anyone within the company other than the usual bluff in holding emails and the issue being passed on to a different department/person who will respond to me in due course. Thankfully rent is now being forwarded to my account, but the complete lack of effort with anything on their part makes the fact they're taking a cut for management fees seem a bit ridiculous when they can't even be bothered to engage with me on any level. Any advice or similar experiences within the community that might be of use? Thanks in advance! Kris
  5. Hi everyone! I'm hopefully just a few months away from embarking on my property investment journey and wondered if anyone had an example investment business plan they would be willing to share? Also, are any straightforward finance courses you would recommend? Best wishes, Kris
  6. Thanks Alja - that's encouraging.
  7. Hi, I'm keen to know if any of you flippers out there have had to revise your strategy in the short to medium term with all the uncertainty around coronavirus? I was thinking about venturing into flipping in July/August and felt I had a strategy that would allow me to reinvest profits over time into BTLs. I'm now not sure it's a good idea and wonder if it's better to research and focus on a different approach. Keen to know your thoughts and plans. Best wishes, Kris
  8. Hi PropertyHubbers, I'm new here and wanted to say hi. A short summary of my situation: I'm currently living abroad and own a property on the outskirts of London. Thinking of moving back to London in the summer and weighing up possible strategies that would enable me to work part-time and focus on property investment/trading the rest of the time. There seems to be a lot of knowledgable members on here and I would be keen to listen to any advice that might help. Initially, I was thinking about focusing my time on flipping property and then reinvesting profit into BTLs (I appreciate this is harder than I've just made it sound!). Given everything that's happing with COVID-19 though, I'm wondering if I'm better continuing to work full-time and investing in property to hold onto for the medium term before trying to add value and sell. Another couple of things one of you may be able to offer advice on: 1) I'm still trying to get my head around tax implications with owning a property already and whether it's worth setting up a ltd company? 2) The property I own is mortgage free. Would I have difficulty releasing the equity it if I was working part-time? Thanks for your time guys. If you have any thoughts, experience or suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Stay safe. Kris
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