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  1. see the paragraph on Stamp Duty... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tax/capital-gains/do-i-have-to-pay-tax-when-i-give-away-a-property/
  2. Its not a transfer - its a sale - therefore the tax is due - can't see a way around his one sorry
  3. Hi Tom - Do you mind sharing what your approx gross yield is on that 4bd property ?
  4. I hear people talking about London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, etc etc etc etc - I see them writing about Scotland and Wales and the North East... However nobody ever seems to mention Kent?!?!?!?!? Why is this the forgotten area? Its got rail to London in reasonable times. Its property is cheap for the South and South East. There is investment and regeneration going into many parts of the county and there is infrastructure improvements. And on top of that its a pretty county with lots of beaches. So why doesn't anybody talk abo
  5. Thanks Rob Rugby - yes thats a good one - missed that. Northampton - getting a bit pricey these days isn't it ? Leicester - lots of people investing there I know - trying not to follow the herd I am with so I'm not competing over same stock
  6. Where in the country would you head if you lived in London and wanted to invest in the following: Within 2 or so hours drive if possible Needs high enough yield to pass new lending restrictions at 75% LTV Good fundamentals and demand as an area Potential for some Growth and not purely yield. Some suggestions: Peterborough / Wellingborough Luton Swindon Basildon Chatham Any others??? Any favourites ???
  7. Any Liverpool area experts and natives able to give a simple "pro's and con's" to the area of CH41 (Birkenhead) ? Specifically with relation to single let BTL properties such as 2/3 bed terrace and semi's houses. Is this a "Bronx" style area? Are tenants working class or DHS ? Any thoughts of capital growth or is it a yield only area ?
  8. £500pm on a sub £50k pp is very impressive. I presume you have checked that rental demand at that level is there in the area if current tenant leaves.
  9. Bridging Finance - speak to this chap is what I have heard... https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kevinwright8
  10. wow! thats a tough ask - Gross isn't that easy nevermind Net. What makes you feel this is realistic? HMO's look great on paper as a Gross amount but start to lose a bit of their shine when you factor in higher maintenance /turnover/agency fees. IF you do find 10% net please let me know
  11. this may help... http://landlordmoneysaving.com/landlord-money-saving-travel-expenses/
  12. Just use a specialist broker not a high street lender.
  13. I have a joint BTL mortgage and its only ever looked at my wifes income (standard employed PAYE) and not mine (self employed)
  14. great input chaps - completely agree with your points on ROI and that needs to be taken into account for any purchase - however I was just targeting for this discussion Yield (Gross) So if 10% is a stretch to far based on my criteria above - what is realistic ceiling rate? 9%, 8%, 7% ??? And if so where - Leeds, Liverpool, Peterborough, Nottingham ?
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