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  1. Hi - I'm trying to work out the gross and net yield on a property that I'm refinancing to fun other BTLs. What I want to know is should I divide the annual income/annual profit by the price I payed for the property originally, or by the most current valuation of the property? The property was purchased 10 years ago and has seen a decent increase in value so the two possible figures differ a fair bit. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Onkar, Thanks for your reply. By my ' my main residence being a rental' I meant that I'm living in a property that I am renting. Perhaps I've used the term 'main residence' incorrectly, but the way I read it, if the properties I already own are let out, therefore not my main residence, then effectively I'm replacing my main residence (the rented property) with the one I'm hoping to purchase....
  3. Hello, I think this could be an easy one for someone who's more clued up than I. I'm planning a property purchase (additional to property I already own) to move into and refurbish, prior to moving out and letting it out. My main residence at the minute is a rental and I'll be moving from here to the new property. Does this mean that the purchase will be replacing my main residence and thus a SDLT reduction possible? Thanks a lot! Cass
  4. Hi! Wow, 2nd forum post in two days; I'm really getting into this aren't I. I'm in the midst of research to allow me to take a concerted step into full time investment, but business planning isn't my strongest suit. I know what my main goal is but I'm struggling with how to convert that into property terms. My goal is to achieve a profit of a certain amount (equal to replacing my salary) per annum. Using rental yield data for a specific location, I've worked out how many properties I would need to own in a buy to let portfolio and how long it would take me to achieve the goal fi
  5. Hi! My name is Cass and I'm in the research phase of my property investment marathon. That's how I've ended up here at the Property Hub and the forum specifically. I'm not usually a forum type of person but I thought in this case it would be a very useful place to throw out any questions and ideas to see what more experienced people think. I'm already a landlord but this happened accidentally when we moved out of the flat my wife owns in Bristol, to London. We were working there for 5 years and during that time we bought a flat together originally to live in, but we soon changed our
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