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  1. £600 is incredibly steep!! I use The Mortgage Works - all that is required there to seek independent financial advise to ensure the directors are aware of everything involved with been a guarantor on a ltd company mortgage. Like others have said, it's not an exhaustive piece of work and we've built a relationship for a minimal amount for any future ones.
  2. I'd be up for this too - if there isn't much replies on here, could be on to something @marie walshe!! No pressure :-D !!
  3. From my personal experiences, The Mortgage Works are the cheapest, and one of the quickest(!), LTD BTL mortgage providers.
  4. Love it - added to my Property Favourites toolbar! Many thanks!
  5. Hey Tej, Can I ask, have you mortgaged any of the 15 or have they all been cash? If mortgaged, I'd be keen to know how you did this over such a short period of time. Similarly, but on a smaller scale, we've purchased 4 in the past 6 months but hit a ceiling with our preferred lender due to now hitting portfolio lender requirements - which is mainly be an experienced lender for 2 years. Any help on this barrier would be amazing! Thanks
  6. I've never thought of this - but this one comment has completely changed my outlook on this. Greatly appreciated!
  7. If you think the answer is no, you're probably in the wrong forum.
  8. Not heard this before?! Can say from personal perspective, 2 properties in LTD Company per year hasn't been an issue for myself.
  9. The Property Hub is a good one to start with
  10. Hi Sam, Completely depends! Is it liveable whilst ongoing - sort of, is it practical and ideal - no. There will be mess, there's no doubt about that. In terms of disruption, it completely depends. If you're having sockets in new places etc... then it will be disruptive as you'll more than likely need to chase out. This will then involve patching or even replastering then decorating so it does turn into a hefty job. But a rewire is a rewire, they happen all the time. You or whoever will get through it, but if you've the option to stay somewhere else for a week or 3, from my personal opinion and experience snap their hand of! Hope this helps, Adam :-)
  11. Shocking!! Would be a good time for everyone to share other providers; we have used Endsleigh before which were very competitive priced.
  12. Evening all! Just wanting to start a thread around Landlord insurance for portfolio landlords - Is anyone able to recommend any providers that can add houses to a policy as and when they purchase them? Rather than continually taking new policies out here and there. Thanks in advance, Adam :-)
  13. Sorry to jump in but I'd be interested if anything in the West Yorkshire region!
  14. From my personal perspective, and we're still very new to the property game. We chose the LTD route as for us it's a long term investment, ie retirement and pension pot. Utilising the LTD route allows us to keep the money in the business and only pay corporation tax rather than paying higher rate income tax on the rental money. You can also offset more against the LTD company rather than if you was doing the BTL through personal. Hope this helps!