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  1. Hello, we are having a difficult time deciding what property to buy and any tips or opinions would help us tremendously. New builds are attractive due to help to buy so the financing is cheaper with lower mortgage rates etc and lower up front cost. Plus there is a possibility to remortgage after 5years and buy the government out. On the other hand reading about snagging issues and some really poor quality when it comes to the new builds is really scary. I'm not sure how that compares to older homes. Buying an older home is more expensive with 10% deposit we get higher interest rate and need a
  2. Hello, we are buying our first home and have around 72k in the bank to do so. We are evaluating several options going back and forth and can't decide on the best strategy. Our goals are: 1) get on the property ladder now when prices are stable or declining, 2) build up equity to buy a more expensive house in 4-5years time. Our options are: a) Help to Buy, b) Second hand property with 10% deposit. We like option a because of how much money it saves us in interest (the mortgage rate comes down to around 1.68% - 1.84%) which means we can achieve higher equity. Our mortgage broker says we can remo
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