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  1. Hi, I'm in the process of buying my first BTL in Liverpool. Does anybody have a BTL income/expenditure spreadsheet that they are willing to share? I've attempted to make my own, but I'm absolutely hopeless on Excel. Thanks, Stevie
  2. That's great. Thanks for your help.
  3. I’m an expat and currently rent out one property, I have approval for the non resident landlord scheme from HMRC for this property. I’m in the process of buying another property, do I need to request approval from HMRC for every property I buy? Or will the original approval suffice? Thanks
  4. Thanks Tom that's really helpful. Gives me some more ammo for the negotiation!!
  5. Currently contemplating buying a 2 bed terrace BTL in Merseyside with a loft conversion (so 3 bed in reality). It is advertised as 2 bed so no planning permission. It has been done to a very high standard and looks structurally fine to the uneducated eye. I would get a survey done to confirm. What are the considerations when buying a property with no PP for a loft conversion? I know I obviously won’t be able to advertise as 3 bed. Thanks
  6. Ah that's great. I've just noticed the date of your original post... I'm originally from L12, just around the corner from where you're looking. I'm not qualified to give you advice regarding BTL's in these areas as I'm only just starting out myself, but if you need any general advice regarding areas just DM me.
  7. Hi, I'm more qualified to answer this as a scouser (albeit living abroad) than I am as a landlord, as I only let one property and it's in Formby which is just north of Liverpool. Normally, I would advise to take a long walk around the city centre, my favourite thing about Liverpool is it has a real personality. It's going to be difficult to experience this at the moment though. Do you have any particular areas in mind? What is it that you're after? Yield or CG? Take a good drive around, you can see most of Liverpool in one day. Liverpool is like any other city, there are good areas and then there are not so good areas. It's difficult to answer without knowing what you're looking for. There's no point driving around leafy Woolton Village if your looking for low cost, high yielding properties in Anfield for example...
  8. Hi mate, Good to hear, sounds like we're at similar stages. Yes, I've also been told that you are going to be limited for properties under £100k. My initial strategy was to go even lower than £75k, but have been told since that as an expat, mortgage companies just aren't interested below this amount. If anybody knows different, please reach out. I'm planning to go fully managed as I just don't see another viable way with living abroad. Still in the process of finding an agent.
  9. Hi all, I'm an expat from Liverpool currently living in Qatar. I'm 29 and work in aviation. I'm planning to buy my first BTL in the next few months all being well. I currently just have one property in the UK which was my residential property but I now rent out as a result of living abroad. That's sort of how I decided to get into this. I realised that I was making a magic profit every month from renting my property and doing very little work for it, whilst also achieving capital growth... I have no other experience in property. Until now, we have only invested in low cost index funds which are essentially our pension as we aren't provided with a pension plan out here, we will continue to do this, but plan to subsidise it with BTL. So my plan is to focus predominantly on yield. I plan to buy properties in the £70,000 - £90,000 range in Liverpool and I am aiming for a ROI of around 9%. I am hoping to buy 1-2 properties a year using savings. I intend to get all properties on a 30 year BTL mortgage. All being well I aim to be in Qatar for the foreseeable future. I plan to then return to the UK and continue to work full time as I enjoy my job, but by this point we would hopefully have around £25,000 gross in BTL income too (not adjusted for inflation). I'm currently in the middle of reading 'The Complete Guide To Property Investment' and I am also working my way through the podcasts and this forum. This has been a massive help so far so thanks to everyone for the contributions I really appreciate it. I would be really interested in having a chat to any other expats who have invested in BTL or even anybody who has BTL properties in the Merseyside area. Cheers all, Stevie
  10. Does anybody have a copy of this spreadsheet that they can DM me please?
  11. Makes sense, thanks guys much appreciated.
  12. Hi all, I'm an expat from the UK but currently living in Qatar. I'm currently in the process of buying my first BTL property. Should I add the £1,200 mortgage fee to the mortgage or not? Is there a general rule as a property investor regarding this or does it just come down to personal preference? I have the cash to do it, but adding it to the mortgage only adds a minimal amount to the mortgage payment. Thanks, Stevie