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  1. Thank you, we do have the option of the paying the loan off and then splitting, but thank you for the advice, we will pursue the solicitor route and try and keep it as simplistic as possible, many thanks again 😀
  2. Hello, we own a house in the name of a limited company, that is let. We have gained permission for a new build on the side plot, that is in the process of being built. The company does have a loan charged on the original property which will be reimbursed once the titles have been split and the two properties are then refinanced as BTL. The issue is we still need to split the titles but most solicitors are saying they are too busy until the end of the month due to the stamp duty holiday. We have all the scale plans of the properties and location plans and we wondered if this is something we cou
  3. Hello, we had a bad experience with a well known broker, where we had various meetings, submitted and filled in all our paper work ,only then then find out the products offered where not available to a Limited company, whilst this was made very clear at the very first and subsequent meetings. As far as I understand a broker would be more beneficial, as they have greater access to deals/lenders and have the knowledge and relationship with the various lenders/underwriters in place. Whilst we know the basics and will be classed as portfolio landlords, we have just four properties currently al let
  4. We have a limited company and a tenant whom was a few months behind with their rent, whom just stopped paying in March and the Government has extended the ban on a section 21 or 8 till September now. Anyone else in a similar position, obviously the company will make a loss this year and we will not pay income tax, but do we act now and e ready when the ban is lifted, we are looking to take advice but wondered how many others were in a similar situation please, many thanks.
  5. Hello we have planning for a separate dwelling on the side of our house, but access to the rear for parking is down an council road that serves garages to the rear of the property. Permission for access needs to be granted by the council is in the planning permission, but not as a "condition" but as an "advisory". I am of the understanding that an advisory is just that and not a legal condition blocking occupation or use without the condition of the council, we will consult a town planning officer, but wondered if anyone had had past experience, many thanks Els
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