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  1. Hi Claire Apologies for my delay in replying this time. We had in the interim made an offer on an apartment but due to finance issues we were unable to go ahead. So we are on the hunt again and I'd love to know your thoughts on buying an investment property in Ipswich. We are looking for something around 120K and have seen a couple of two bed terrace houses and we're wondering if these are worth a look? We probably need something freehold rather than leasehold hence a terrace house as opposed to an apartment. Any info would be great!
  2. Hi Claire I'm interested to learn more about Ipswich and any areas you'd recommend as investment potential for a flat? I've found a one bed near Ipswich marina that looks like it has potential but I'd love to hear your views on an investment of this type in this area? Thanks Amber
  3. Hi William Further to your previous post would you have any tips for someone looking to invest in Northampton? As an expat investor I am priced out of cheaper properties due to mortgage restrictions. With this in mind I'd love to know your recommendations for a good area with 3 bed houses circa 120-160K?
  4. Hi Andrew We managed to negotiate with the company we were with and they are now at a very competitive rate and in line with others we found available. Its Northwoods and they were great. We will stick with them. Have you narrowed down some areas you'd like to look at for investment?
  5. Hi Sammy The next meet up is 21st Sept - 7pm, The Scene, Pier 7, Dubai Marina. Are you familiar with this place? Our group facilitator is called Chris Battle and you'll find him on here. Great group of people too! See you there!
  6. Evening everyone Further to this discussion, are any of you familiar with Amber Properties in Northampton? They do lettings & property Management and I'm looking into them as an option for one of our properties but would love feedback from people that are in the area that might know of them?
  7. Hi everybody I'm looking for a recommendation of a property management company in Northampton. Jason can you let me know the management % of the company you recommend? Its a little unclear on their website. Any suggestions most welcome. Also going to start to investigate purchasing additional properties, looking for cash flow with of course potential for capital growth. Looking at 3 bed family homes...Jason if you were buying now would you look in the areas you currently own or are there any other new areas that are looking good in Northampton? TIA everyone
  8. Afternoon I'm looking for recommendations of a local property management company in the Northampton area for a property we want to move form a guaranteed rent agreement to regular management agreement. We live in Dubai so it all needs to be arranged remotely so any recommendations for a good company/agent to look into are greatly appreciated. Thanks Amber
  9. Hi Daniel We look forward to meeting you tomorrow night! Cheers Amber
  10. Hi everyone We are in too! I'll bring my husband along as I really want him to be involved from the start and begin to learn the basics of property investing and hear your expereinces first hand. We will be a little after 7pm as we have to get the two children to sleep and I will book a babysitter. Can we make sure wherever we go we can hear each other? How we will find each other? Chris will you have a red carnation or can you PM us now with phone numbers? Very excited!
  11. Hi Lizzie Wonderful to hear from another DXB based property investor. I'd absolutely love to meet up, Chris is in discussions with the two Rob's regarding and official Dubai meet up so we can wait and see what happens with that. We need to make 10 posts in order to be able to PM each other so we are waiting to build those up and then either way we can always arrange a catch up. While I wait patiently for our meet up I'm starting work on goals with my husband to then whilttle it down into a strategy. Until now we've had goals, you know the sort you work through with your financial adviso
  12. Hi Chris Many thanks for your replies! I was so excited to find someone locally to hopefully chat a few things through with! I'd love to attend a meet up, happy to do it in the Greens, we're in the Springs but you know what Dubai\'s like - you can get anywhere pretty easily. I'd love to chat further about the investments you have in London, how you came to your strategy and if you did in fact determine a strategy first or these were early investments and "just evolved"? Interested too in your mortgage broker details here and in the UK. I've contacted one expat mortgage broker that h
  13. Hi Chris Saw this intro and your reply on another intro. I'd love to attend the Dubai met up. We are in the process of releasing equity on a property in the UK and are looking at the next steps. My husband isn't as enthusiastic as I am about this and hasn't really done much research and got his head around how it can work so for him to meet others in person would be great. Look forward to details of the meet and sharing info! Happy Thursday!
  14. Hi Darren I am also new here and interested to know if you are ever in Dubai? I'm a newbie and like you have loved the resources Rob & Rob have but I'm at the same stage as you mention - how much to pay other people to help me and ensuring I have the right and most qualified people to help me considering my expat circumstances. If you're willing to share any of your recommended contacts of a few people I might be able to approach I'd be most grateful as I'm in th "get the ball rolling stage" now and don't want paralysis analysis to stop me!
  15. Hi Tom & Nicki Are you still in Dubai? I'd be interested in finding out a little more about how you do your investing from here and if you might have any contacts you'd be willing to share? If you're open to a coffee sometime please do let me know. Thanks Amber
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