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  1. Hey @pauldavidthomas it looks like you're exactly the person I'm looking for but I'm focusing on Liverpool as my investment area. I'll be sure to recommend you to any of my firends looking to invest in Southampton. If there is anyone in Liverpool who enjoys property renovation as much as @pauldavidthomas does then please do get in touch. Happy to pay for your time and expertise. GD
  2. I know it’s a lot to ask of a builder to come to a viewing especially if I haven’t worked with them before and considering there is no guarantee that my offer will get accepted but does this happen? If so, how is the best way to approach this? My strategy is to BRRR yet I have no experience in refurbs. I’ve found a ‘smelly’ property that is ripe for a refurb but how do I make sure there is no major structural damage or other issues which may pop up once my offer has been accepted? Is there any way to mitigate these risks prior to putting in an offer? Thanks to this wonderfu
  3. Hi, I will have to stop contracting next year and will be in the same position as you. I've spoke to a few accountants, who I met on this forum actually, and have decided to invest my retained earnings into building a property portfolio. They suggested opening up another company (for prop investments) and making an intercompany loan (my retained earnings) from my PSC Ltd company. That way money stays within a company structure and attracts less tax I think. I guess it all depends on what your long term goals are. G
  4. Hi @amariino. I am also stuck in limbo at the moment and having the same thoughts as yourself! I was in Liverpool on the weekend for some viewings. Most of my viewings were cancelled before I got there because offers above asking price were being accepted. This happened on 5 properties. The viewings I did go to were extremely short as there were waitlists to view them. When I asked the agents what was the reason for all the craziness they stated it was either pent up demand or buyers taking advantage of the stamp duty reduction. I am going to back off Liverpool for now and revi
  5. Hey Lars, I'm in the same boat as you ie/ looking to invest in MUFB but have no idea where to find research on pros and cons. Have you found any reliable resourses to help with your research? Many thanks, GD
  6. Great Buffet quote! I fell the exact same way about Liverpool! Anything I add to my Zoopla wishlist is showing SOLD SCT within a few days.
  7. Hello Michael & Callum, Funnily enough both your situations mirror my own as well. I'm also based in London and am time poor looking to buy similar properties with similar tenant profiles in Liverpool. So far I have been doing lots of desktop research and intend to visit Liverpool mid August. Happy to connect and share ideas! Geeta
  8. gd

    BTL in Liverpool

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and am also looking to buy my first BTL/BRR in Liverpool. I hear that Wavertree gets a bad rep but from my initial research I see that the yields are high. Is this beacuase HMO's are skewing the averages? Can anyone recommend any other areas where rents/demand is high as my strategy is to maximise income in the short term? My budget is £180k and I am looking at terraced houses. Many thanks, G
  9. Hi @DerekT many thanks for your prompt response. My current accoutant uses a an online portal to upload invoices, bank statements, epenses etc so I'm looking for something similar. They are very good for LTD contractors but unfortunately don't have a good understanding of property. G
  10. Hi, I currently work through my LTD Co as a contractor and am looking to set up another LTD Co to start property investing. I require an accountant who has knowledge of how to run both. Does anyone in a similar position have any good accountancy recommendations and who are also tech saavy? Many thanks, G
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