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  1. Hi Meighy, No firm answers to my query, still doing my research by talking to friends and associates. However from what I've read on various other websites, you are correct, the Ltd company is a separate entity therefore when purchasing your own property you will be paying the standard rate of SDLT. I'll try find a link to the source where I read this and share. Hope the above helps!
  2. Hi fellow property guru's, Newbie here looking for some advice. I'm looking at setting up a SPV Ltd company to invest in some properties, initially I'm looking to flip a few and then build a BTL portfolio. My question is; If I purchase a property under a Ltd Co and personally do not own a property in my name (never have), then later purchase my first property in my own name to live in. Would I still be classed as a first time buyer and get the Stamp Duty (SDLT) Relief on my personal property? Eager to find an answer to this so I can begin my property journey... Thanks in
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