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  1. Hi Dino, Thanks for your response. Renovation costs were simply the renovation works only to be fair. They didn't include council tax, legals etc. This is something I will definitely add in to my spreadsheet as we all know, the devil is in the detail which is exactly why I came on here to ask more seasoned investors. I agree completely with properties now. It seems almost impossible at this price bracket to find a property that you can make a decent profit margin on. I can only put it down to the condition of the property and the fact it fell through with the last "cash buyer" (
  2. Hi Julian, Thanks for your reply. This is an end terrace. The mid-terrace 2 doors down converted the attic and sold the house 2 years ago for 140k. For the additional work involved due to stripping the whole house down anyway means the loft conversion is a straight forward job especially with the traditional trusses. I am relying on the house price getting to the 140k mark so I can remortgage to the level where I manage to get nearly all the money back out. I don’t think I could achieve this without the conversion. I agree, for the additional rent it won’t be much diff
  3. Hi all, I have recently had an offer accepted on a 3-bed terrace in my local area. I intend on fully refurbing the property and extending into the attic for a 4th bedroom. Please can you critique my deal! Please let me know if you think I've missed any key items. Any other questions, just let me know! Dean
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