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    Probably lean more into being a property developer than a property investor. Currently working in infrastructure industry as a commercial manager.
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    Build a large BTR portfolio

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  1. Hi, usually lenders will take into consideration your last 3 payslips. I believe depending on the lender they may ask if you know your financial situation may change in the next 6 months for example. However, if your BF situation is more secure then this will help. It sounds a bit confusing about when you'll be made redundant. Can I ask more about why you or the business have no indication of when your redundancy may happen?
  2. Thanks Billy. Be great to have a chat to see if we have any synergy.
  3. Little about me. New-ish to the property industry. I lean slightly more into being a property developer over a property investor. Would love to work with any property investors. Currently work in infrastructure as a commercial manager. Based in North Wales. Looking forward to getting involved with everything!
  4. Bit off topic but has anyone ever worked for a Development Finance company? Got an opportunity to work for a Commercial finance type company selling development finance, commercial mortgages etc. Any advice or insight is massively appreciated.
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