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  1. Hi Charlie, Fingers crossed the Gigafactory will be built. I'm very hopeful it will. I have been paying close attention to anything related to the Gigafactory, and it all seems positive. Everything seems to be running smoothly. Like any other town or city, Blyth has some great neighbourhoods, some bad neighbourhoods and some neighbourhoods you don't what to enter out of fear that you wont make it back out. There has been and there are currently, a lot of new build developments popping up in Blyth. 2,3,4,5 bedroom houses, which are all in good areas of Blyth. One neighbourhood
  2. Hi David. The article in the guardian was a interesting read. I was not originally going to invest in my local area of blyth, but with the investments coming into the area this might change my mind. I will post back on here in the future to let you know the effects the gigaplant has had on the area. Good or bad Cheers Ian
  3. Thanks for the advice. I have a builder coming to have a look at the property on Monday and to give a quote. He did mention similar costs as your selfs via email. Cheers Ian
  4. Hi all, I am looking to try my hand at my first BRR and i am just looking for a bit of advice on what costs to expect. I am thinking of purchasing a 2 bed first floor flat just outside of Newcastle. The work that will need done is. New bathroom suite New kitchen New boiler Plastering throughout the flat Rewire New carpets Decorating throughout I understand this is not a lot of information to work with and there are a lot of other variables, but i am just looking for a rough guide of what the costs for each of these could be? Has any
  5. Hello, I am just wondering what peoples thoughts are of a town in Northumberland called Blyth? It has recently been announced that blyth will be benefiting from the uks first gigaplant that will manufacture electric car batteries. At a cost of 2.6bn and will create 8000 jobs Blyth is also benefiting form a shear of 1bn to revitalise the town, with plans to bring back a old train line for better transport in to Newcastle and the surrounding areas. I am just wondering what people's thoughts are of this town, and if it could be a good place to invest. Thanks Ian
  6. Hi Jo. Did you ever manage to find a good agent in Newcastle? I am looking for a fully managed service my self. Thanks Ian
  7. Hi all. I am just getting started in property and have just recently purchased my first BTL. I am achieving a ROI of 14% and the property was ready to let on completion. No refurbishment required. I am now looking for my 2nd BTL and hope to get my 3rd mid 2021. I am looking for propertys that will provide me with a good ROI 13% + with a good monthly cash flow £300+ after all expenses are paid. And that requires little to no refurbishment. I will try to get the propertys at a discount, or i will buy at what i believe is the true value, if the numbers stack up. I plan to hold thes
  8. Hi all. I know this is probably a dumb question, but it's one I need a answer for. I have just had a home buyers survey done on what I hope to be my first BTL. What I am wanting to know is, do I send my solicitor a copy of it? Do they even need to see it? Thank you in advance for any help with this.
  9. Hi all. I am looking to buy my first BTL property in the Newcastle area. My question is can anyone point me in the right direction of a good management company in this area? I am looking for a totally hands off approach. So having good management is really important to me. Thank you in advance
  10. Hi everyone, my name is Ian Cowie. And I am just starting out in property. I live in the north east. In a town called Blyth not to far from Newcastle. I would love any tips or advice anyone could give me before I purchase my first property? Where are good areas to invest around Newcastle/Northumberland. Can anyone recommend good tradesmen to refurbish a property. I look forward to speaking with yous.
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