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  1. That's an awesome idea. Can anyone here advise me some poker sites?
  2. Recently, a friend of mine invested almost all of his money in bitcoin. And he says it's the best decision of his life. But he told me that we need to be careful, because now there are a lot of scams that hack data and steal bitcoins. And before I started investing money in bitcoins, I wanted to find a service that would be reliable and that would hide my payments, and I came across this site bitcoin tumbler . And now I have completely transferred all my money to bitcoin, and I am not afraid that my data can be hacked
  3. Interesting question, u should google that
  4. Wow, I think this is too much investment for the first time. Seriously, this is really a very large amount and I would advise you to be careful. You have almost no experience yet and can easily lose your money. In addition, there is a possibility that your trading platform is not reliable and therefore you need to be on the lookout. I personally work for cfds trader and would advise you to work on the same platform because it is a very reliable platform with excellent support and a clear interface.
  5. Dude, despite the crisis, if you are a programmer, then you will definitely find a job anywhere, in any country and at any time. This is very accurate information There are also a lot of vacancies on linked in. My father worked as a web developer for a long time and he soon found a job at LinkedIn. The problem was that he could not find his colleagues for recommendations and then I used examples and tips from https://www.linkedjetpack.com/linkedin-secrets/best-linkedin-recommendation-samples/ and prepared great recommendations for him on behalf of his colleagues.
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