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  1. are you planning to do your job? buy a business or what?if you are planning to create your own business, I can recommend a good service that will find you a good and prosperous business ExitAdviser
  2. Hey, you can try go for a massage or visit a chiropractor, it's good for your body and you'll feel better!
  3. Hi! I'm fine, but who you are? introduce yourself please
  4. Focus on what you have. Smiling is good therapy. Good days begin with a healthy breakfast. Drink water with lemon. Exercise every day. Walk those 10,000 steps every day. Supplement with needed vitamins and minerals.
  5. i know for sure that it is better to buy than to rent because you will pay the same sum every month, but in the end, you will have your own house. find a good house with good mortgage service, may be they have any idea how to help you .
  6. Hi! Try to contact a lawyer to know more about these situations, it's possible to sue because you won this lot on auction and they must sell it to you, but remember that this is a big effort and you will spend time and your nerves, so you can try to find other property in same area and buy it. Good luck!
  7. i think it is better to work with professionals in this deal . https://corporateinvestigation.com/ can help you .The team is composed of former Justice Department officials and FBI Special Agents who have spent decades in high-ranking government positions handling large-scale government audits, emergencies, potential crisis management, fraudulent schemes involving terrorism or issues of national security, and drug distribution schemes.
  8. i asked my sister, and she recommends a mortgage broker that she used some years ago. There is a good team , with good experience, they review your current situation and circumstances and help you in obtaining the best offer .
  9. honestly don't even know I bought my refurbished iPhone and did not notice that the refurbished parts were painted in different colors than the original ones
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