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  1. Hi Giles, that would be great thanks. If you don't mind me asking, where abouts in the Midlands? And just to diversify or is something drawing you away from Swindon in general? I'm struggling to find much on Swindon from a desktop exercise but I'm visiting this weekend and looking at a few 2-bed houses in SN1/central.
  2. Hi Gary, I know this thread is a little old, I'm just interested to hear how you got on with Swindon, or if you abandoned the area. I started with similar location goals to Camilla but I live in London and doubting whether starting a BRR strategy so far from home is a good idea. I have been looking at affordable properties within a couple of hours of London, leading me to Swindon. Do you think Honda packing up shop and a rise of remote working could have long term impacts on the local fundamentals? I hope not but uncertain.
  3. Thanks Mark, I didn't spot that thread. I'll check if any developments since then but seems like Luton isn't going to be on the list then. Swindon seems more accessible and I am seeing some interesting 2/3 bed terraced houses that look good, although with some hit and miss fundamentals..
  4. Hi all, I am looking for the Southern hotspots. There is a lot of attention paid to the North, North-West but little on the South (and for good reason, its expensive down here, so perhaps 'warm spots'..). But there are affordable areas, and room for growth I'm sure. To not come empty handed: Luton and Swindon look promising. Both are affordable, both with a negative history only now being overcome and growth following. Luton has had £1.5 billion of investment into key development and regeneration projects. Property growth ~30% in the last 5 years. Swindon has a multi-million-pound in
  5. Hi Adiel, I've been looking at Dingle and Toxteth. Just back from the waterfront where a lot of transformation work is going on and hopefully some trickle growth can be expected. They have some nice 2/3 bed freehold terraced houses. I narrowed my search down to 10 properties I liked and met my goals. All on the market for less than 2 weeks, but when I called the agents they were all sold! Hence my original post. It seems like the market is saturated with investors. This is particularly troublesome for me as I live in London; getting up for the weekend for viewings takes some prep and
  6. Thanks Michael, I'm likewise keen to build a network. Hi Mark, thanks for the quick response. I have yes. Liverpool has been listed as a big opportunity for a long while and many investors are keen to snap up anything. Hence my question; is it saturated with investors? Is it still troublesome and competitive? I live in London so finding deals and making viewings is a lengthier process in the best of times!
  7. Hi all, I've been reading a lot from others also interested in BTLs in Liverpool. Although I'm only now in a position to buy my first I've seeing a lot of frustration from others trying; difficulty getting viewings and a lot of competition. Is it a bit late to get in on the great deals? Bit on me; I have ~£60k released for deposit looking for place where I can add some value and refinance. I'm open to investing anywhere in the UK. 2 beds for single lets most likely to keeps things simple. Houses over flats for the refurb. Keen to hear a verdict from those currently closing in Li
  8. Hi all, Huge fan of the community. I'm approaching my first remortgage on my first property (residential). I'm looking to refinance after rennovating it over the past two years to get my first BTL. Exciting times. My original broker was not great, can someone recommend a broker to work with? A BTL specialist as I would like one broker to support me to build a portfolio. Sorry for the rookie question. There are just so many options online and everyone always says how important good brokers, just not where to find them! Many thanks
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