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  1. It is something that they offer as a service. Not sure how/what they do for it.
  2. Hi Paul, My personal take is to go with option 1. We're in a temporary phase at the moment in the market but the demand for well positioned flats will never lose steam. The convenience of such properties is just too much to ignore for a potential tenant. Thanks, SB
  3. Hi Guys, Hope you're well and safe. I'm looking for pointers on good Insurance companies offering the following products for a a 2 bed 2 bath flat in a purpose built block built around 15 years ago: 1. Landlord Contents Insurance 2. Landlord Home Emergency Cover 3. Landlord Rent Protection Insurance I'm sure that this isn't the first time that this has been asked, however I didn't find the information all in one place. Are you able to provide this info? Your inputs will be highly appreciated. Regards, SB
  4. Hi Peter, Good to hear about the prospective tenant. Hope it works out well! I usually get my estate agent to send me weekly marketing stats and actively engage with him during the search process. I'm guessing that you already did this. It also helps to have a nice write up on the property mentioning its selling points. Apart from this, it also helps if you include various deposit options in the description like the Zero Deposit Scheme (only if you're comfortable with this letting option!). Hope this helps for future lettings. - SB
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