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  1. Sorry, wrong button. Wanted to correct something.
  2. If you don't need the TV, it is sunk into the ground. Only when you need the television it does extend out of the floor and unfold. There are some videos from C-Seed itself, I found a video from a private person. In this vodeo the TV is installed on a yacht. The technology is the same. So you can install it on a yacht too if you want I am also fascinated, so I want to know more about it. Maybe I'll get in touch with them so they can send me brochures and more informations.
  3. Yes, the TV can fold up and then disappear into its "garage" in the floor. Then the hole closes with a cover and you can't see anything from the TV. Take a look at the videos and pictures on the Internet. That makes the explanation easier. In the brochure I found it took 40 seconds to go out. But not for long, it happens very quickly. It doesn't take much less time until my TV comes on at home. That's a big advantage. When you no longer need the TV, it disappears completely and doesn't take up any more space. If a TV is hanging on the wall somewhere, that's not a big problem. so you can place the TV in the middle of the garden or right next to the pool. You don't need a wall or roof over it. Sure I would like a TV like this, look at the pictures. You can't compare that with normal outdoor TVs. The size alone is impressive. If so, it will be the TV with 201 inch diagonal. Go big or go home The place would be there. It doesn't take a lot of space because the whole system is just as space-saving. The only question then is whether the TV is to be placed in the garden or integrated into the pool area.
  4. The TV collapses so that it can better disappear into the ground. When the TV goes out of the ground, it opens. If you turn off the TV, it collapses and goes back into the ground. The individual panels of the television are movable, so only a small opening is required in the floor. The TV is made to be outside. There are also huge indoor TVs from the C-Seed brand. But I am primarily interested in outdoor TVs because I want to install a TV in the garden or pool area. This television does not have to be under a roof or has to be covered up after use. It all works automatically. The television goes back into the ground and is protected. Of course, this also saves a lot of space. From the videos I've seen and also from the pictures on the homepage, it's an excellent picture. I also looked at the data sheet, the values are also excellent. You can also find a few videos online if you enter the brand name or you can watch them on their homepage. The bigger the better:) Of course, I have to see where I would put the TV first, but I tend to go for the largest model.
  5. I have a property and would like to upgrade it with a foldable TV system. Does anyone know such systems? I find this huge TV an absolute eye-catcher in the garden or in the pool area. I'm not sure if I would sell my house after the upgrade, but I've wanted a large TV in the pool area for a long time. Which entertainment systems do you think enhance a house?
  6. Couldn't you ask this electrician if he can give you a rough estimate? Then you have a number that you can use for orientation. As an outsider, it is of course difficult to assess this. It depends on a few factors - size, age, ...
  7. Why should the landlord or agent let you into the property? You will get several keys. If you lose one, you leave a key with your family. Then if you lose one you still have a key and can fetch it. Then you don't need someone to let you into the property. I don't think the rule makes sense, but it is easy to bypass it and there is no danger.
  8. I would say it all depends on the property and where it is located. The question should also be who is buying? Many are probably waiting for that first. In my opinion, the situation has not been long enough to buy. If it takes even longer, I can already see that many people may have to sell and the price to buy will get better.
  9. I always invest a little. When the price is down, I buy a little and then I wait for the price to go up. If you have enough time and are patient, something can come of it. I won't get rich with it, but at least a vacation will work out. I'm actually sticking to the more familiar currencies.
  10. Selling Sunset, Amazing Interiors, Tiny House Nation... There are some series in this direction. To be honest, i never saw one of them:)