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  1. Hi all, Has anybody experience of letting agents in Nottingham that you would recommend: a) for letting only b) for full management
  2. Does anyone have any experience of renting a 2 bed flat by room using Spareroom? Is it something I should consider?
  3. Thanks both. Campions aren't on the Paragon panel. I'm checking with Yates & Co. I'll bear JMP in mind.
  4. Hi, I’ve just had an offer accepted for my first BLT investment in Nottingham. I’m looking for a solicitor that will act for us that doesn’t charge the earth. We’ve been phoning round and we’re struggling because the mortgage lender is Paragon. Those that can deal with Paragon are proving to be very expensive. Any body got any good recommendations?
  5. Hi, Like you I’m based in North Notts and am starting out in property investing. We have just had an offer accepted for our first investment property so we’re excited about getting that purchase completed and the property rented. We’re now looking for further investment opportunities Mark
  6. Thanks Julia. We’re just purchasing our first property to let in Nottingham. Do you have any recommended tradesmen?
  7. Can anyone recommend solicitors in Nottingham who will be proactive and push through the sales process? Looking to purchase but want to move quickly.
  8. Hi, Did you ever find a software package? I’m just starting out and have the same question. Having a web based package to manage your portfolio seems to be a better option that Excel providing the price is right. Does anyone have any recommendations ?
  9. Hi, I’m 58 and looking to get into property with my wife and daughter. I’ve read books/listen to pod casts and am doing the Property Hub training - the wealth of information is mind blowing. I have a pretty good amount in my pension and I have cash to invest so I’m looking at all options (flipping, BTL, HMOs). We’ve spoken to a tax advisor who suggests setting up a limited company. I read about possible returns (12-14% for HMOs) but I’m struggling to see how to achieve this with all of the costs (stamp duty, taxes etc). Our goal is to get a steady return on our investment
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