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  1. I had a hot dog in Weithmouth from a company called Big Willy's
  2. Selling sunsets us good but very dramatised, some of the properties on there are unbelievable!
  3. Hey everyone i could do with some help! I'm looking for your recommendation on removal companies to use in Redditch or any that can cover the Redditch area? I need your expert advice on how much you'd expect it to cost as its my first time moving using a removal company so not sure how much to expect to pay. I have a 2 bedroom house currently which i will need to remove both beds, 2 wardrobes, sofa, TV and other common household furniture from. What would you all expect the cost of this removal to be? Btw the destination is only 15 minutes away so it isnt a long drive if they charge you for di
  4. Hi Everyone, I am looking for reliable conveyancing within Bromsgrove / Redditch and I do not know where to begin! What should I be looking for in a conveyancer to know they are reputable and efficient and how can I distinguish between good and bad conveyancers or lawyers? If anyone can help me out or give me a few local lawyers I could contact about this who you know is value for money and will not waste my time
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