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  1. Hi, I have been working for the same company since 2017. My salary will increase from next month. Until today I thought 3 months of payslips were required for a mortgage however, a mortgage advisor has told me that only 1 month payslips are required for the application. Is this true? If this is true I will be able to make offers earlier than I had planned. Thank you in advance for your advice. Jonathan
  2. Thanks Stuart. Yes, there is a lot of information on mortgages and it's only sensible to ask multiple experts to ensure I'm informed and not being sold a product for a lender to get commission. It's unfortunate that there is no mechanism whereby the property owner can demonstrate to the lender on a monthly basis that the property is used only for buy to let and the rental income accepted in the mortgage agreement. Do you know of lenders that consider the income of a let out room in a residential mortgage property?
  3. Hi, I'm looking to buy my first property as a buy to let and solely for renting out. If I decided to live in the property in future then I would remortgage to a residential mortgage. I spoke with an an advisor today who said the lenders will link they mortgage to my income as I'm a first time buyer without experience as a landlord. My question is, can I obtain a buy to let mortgage unlinked from my income as a first time buyer? If yes, what lenders or brokers would help me with this? Many thanks, Jonathan
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