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  1. Yeah I'd say there comes a point where caution turns into a missed opportunity.. this sounds like it could be such a time. Times are uncertain, but an IT career is really not
  2. Fantastic tips on here! I try to follow all of these as well in my day-to-day. Amazing how many of our habits we can easily change to make an impact without even giving up on any convenience or life quality.
  3. "The Social Dilemma" is an excellent recent documentary on Netflix. Features interviews with social media bosses and really delves deeply into the ethics and the psychological manipulation behind the way social media is set up.
  4. Getting into the habit of planning my weekly food shops ahead and making breakfast-lunch-dinner at home have probably been the most useful habits for me. Saves a ton of money on impulse buys and takeaways. Also, small but surprisingly life-changing - making my bed each morning. Just sets me up right for the day.
  5. I've considered changing my rental property over to Airbnb too, but so far I've figured the extra hassle isn't worth it for me. Since I wouldn't have the time to communicate with guests and clean the place every few nights. With a tenant, I usually don't have to do much for months, or even a few years, and still get the money.
  6. To add to the list, there are optional extras you can get. Some have been mentioned already, some not. The extras are: accidental damage, legal expenses, tenant default/rent guarantee, home emergency (boiler, heating, electric), contents insurance. I found these listed with average premiums here: https://www.nimblefins.co.uk/business-insurance/average-cost-landlords-insurance-uk
  7. I agree with these ideas! I've been trying to follow most of these myself as well. Easy changes that don't even require compromising on comfort or convenience, really.
  8. I've gotten some good improvements made to the place by letting tenants redecorate - if it's done well, it can be a good thing. But of course, care needs to be taken with approving the colour choices etc.. I guess depends a lot on how much you trust your tenants.
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